Month: July 2020

» July 29, 2020

The globe is at this stage of its rotation, when our latitudes receive more abundance of light and heat, or in short – it’s summer. Usually the morning is cool, […]

» July 28, 2020

If a decade ago the “theme of the day” was Full HD, and five years ago the 4K revolution, then for at least 1 year the most exciting theme in […]

» July 28, 2020

Today in our ranking “Top” we will present you the most expensive film weapons in the history of cinema. 5. Ax of Jack Torrance from the movie “The Shining” (1980) […]

» July 27, 2020

The life of a modern person is poor in events. One day is like another. People go to work, return home, relax, communicate with their families, watch TV – and […]

» July 26, 2020

The aircraft has long been the fastest and most comfortable vehicle. When a trip is required a long distance, and at the same time there is a shortage of time […]