Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

The aircraft has long been the fastest and most comfortable vehicle. When a trip is required a long distance, and at the same time there is a shortage of time – air communication allows you to solve the problem. Over 200 years of the development of airspace, the safety of air travel has increased hundreds of times. But plane crashes do happen. Despite the fact that air travel was recognized as the safest form of transportation, each crash kills several hundred people. In this article, we will tell you about the ten largest air crashes in the world.

10. Persian Gulf, July 3, 1988, 290 casualties

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

In the Persian Gulf, on July 3, 1988, an American cruiser fired a missile at an A-300 civilian aircraft belonging to an Iranian airline. 290 people were killed, including 65 children – this number of victims puts this tragedy in tenth place on our list.

The United States still claims that American sailors mistook this passenger plane for an Iranian Air Force fighter. No one was punished, and at least a formal apology was not brought.

9. Kinshasa, 8 January 1996, 297 victims

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

In ninth place in our rating is the crash of the Russian cargo plane An-32B, which occurred on January 8, 1996. The runway in the capital of the Congo was 1,500 meters long at the time. However, it was not fenced. The market was in close proximity to the GDP and actually adjoined it closely.

The download was carried out by a local company, not familiar with the design of the aircraft. Our pilots did not observe the loading, and before takeoff did not check the cargo compliance with the aircraft’s passport capacity. Due to overload, the crew could not get away from the runway during takeoff and literally drove into a busy market. The plane crashed into the market buildings and exploded. Killed 297 people who were at that time in the market, and one pilot.

8. Ukraine, July 17, 2014, 298 victims

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

The eighth largest air crash was the crash of the Boeing 777, owned by an airline from Malaysia. The crash occurred on July 17, 2014. The airliner took passengers in Amsterdam and flew to Kuala Lumpur. Together with the crew, there were 298 people in the aircraft cabin.

When crossing the air border of Russia and Ukraine, communication with the aircraft was interrupted forever. The charred wreckage of the airliner was found near the town of Gradovo, Donetsk region. No survivors were found.

What actually happened is still unknown. Russian experts say the Boeing was shot down by a missile launched from a Ukrainian Air Force fighter jet for provocative purposes. Foreign experts adhere to their main version so far. According to her, the plane was shot down by some unidentified persons from the Russian-made Buk air defense system. Due to the fact that the disaster occurred in the area of ​​hostilities, its investigation is proceeding very slowly.

7. Middle East, 19 August 1980, 297 victims

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

The seventh place is taken by the crash of a Lockheed aircraft belonging to the largest air carrier in Saudi Arabia. In the summer of 1980, the plane was heading from Riyadh to Jeddah. A fire in the cargo hold was discovered immediately after departure from the capital’s airport. The crew commander decided to return to the airport. When the plane was forced to land, the pilots were unable to open the hatch. They also did not put out the fire in the cargo hold. Only 20 minutes later, rescuers from the airport were able to enter the plane. But it was already too late. The flames killed all 297 passengers and 14 flight personnel.

According to one version, the crew members did not know English well and could not correctly follow the instructions for eliminating the source of fire in the cargo hold.

6. Ireland, 23 June 1985, 329 victims

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

Experts give the sixth place in the top of the largest air crashes to the terrorist attack, which in the summer of 1985 was subjected to the Boeing, owned by Air India. The plane followed from Montreal to London, then to Delhi and Bombay. The explosion took place over the Atlantic, near a town called Cork in Ireland. The liner exploded in the air. The crew didn’t even give an SOS signal. There were 329 people in the cabin, including 22 crew members. Nobody managed to escape.

Sikh extremists were blamed for the incident. This is the largest plane crash in recent Canadian history.

5. France, 3 March 1974, 334 casualties

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

The fifth on the list is the crash of the Douglas DC-10 of the Turkish airline Turkish Airline. The crash took place on March 3, 1974 near Paris, over the town of Ermenonville. The liner flew from Istanbul to London, with refueling in Paris. Here 334 passengers embarked on the plane. The crew consisted of 12 people. Everyone on board died.

Suddenly, there was a depressurization of the hull due to a suddenly opened cargo hatch. The control systems collapsed immediately. The aircraft lost control and crashed into the ground. Experts claim that the disaster was caused by non-compliance with the recommendations issued by them after revealing a similar malfunction with an aircraft of the same model.

4. India, 12 Nov 1996, 349 casualties

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

In the fourth position is an air collision of aircraft that occurred on November 12, 1996 near the town of Charkhi Dadri in India. The crew of the IL-76 of the Kazakh airline, on board which 37 people flew, did not fulfill the target instructions of the airport dispatcher. The airliner did not lower its altitude and wedged into the air corridor along which the Boeing 747 of Saudi Arabian Airlines was moving. The Boeing had 312 people.

As a result of the linguistic illiteracy of the Kazakh crew, two planes collided in the air and collapsed. All 349 people were killed. The investigation was carried out by British specialists. The reason was the human factor.

3. Tokyo, Aug 12, 1985, 520 casualties

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

In third place among the most famous plane crashes is the tragedy that occurred on August 12, 1985 near the capital of Japan. JAL’s Boeing 747 SR was on a flight to Osaka. 524 people traveled in it quietly. The plane was piloted by 15 crew members.

After twelve minutes of flight, the hydraulic systems failed. For another half hour, the crew selflessly fought the accident, but could not stay in the air. Gliding at an altitude of 1,500 meters, the plane crashed into Mount Otsutaka, about 100 km from Tokyo. Two women and two children survived the accident.

Experts were able to establish the cause of the disaster. Shortly before the accident, the plane hit the runway and damaged the liner structure. Engineers issued technical recommendations for repairs that were not completed in the required volume.

2. Canary Islands, 27 March 1977, 583 casualties

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

At the end of March 1977, two planes collided in the sky over the island of Tenerife. This is the second most important plane crash in our ranking. The plane of the Dutch air carrier KLM took off from Amsterdam and was heading for Las Palmas. In total, there were 248 passengers and crew members in the cabin. Pan American Boeing carried 335 people along with the crew. They all boarded in New York and flew to Las Palmas. Only 61 passengers on this flight were saved.

Experts from different countries who were conducting the investigation named the main reason for the crash. The pilots did not understand the command of the ground controller due to his strong accent. After much debate, the aviation company KLM agreed to their guilt and claimed responsibility for the crash. Compensation was paid to the relatives of the victims.

After what happened in Tenerife in 1977, the requirements for the rules of flight safety have radically changed in the world.

1. USA, 11 September 2001, 2,977 casualties

Top 10 largest plane crashes in the world

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the United States puts it at the top of our list of the largest air crashes. Members of the Al-Qaeda organization banned in Russia were able to hijack 4 civilian liners. One of them was sent directly to the US Department of Defense – the Pentagon, the second dived into the ground in Pennsylvania. Two other suicide bombers rammed the famous buildings of the World Trade Center.

The structures of both buildings were so damaged that they could not resist and collapsed. About 3,000 innocent people died. These include victims of the collapse, aircraft passengers and rescuers.

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