Top 10 best fantasy books

The life of a modern person is poor in events. One day is like another. People go to work, return home, relax, communicate with their families, watch TV – and so every day for almost their entire life. Although many would like to live in a different way: they would like a more interesting life, colorful events and exciting adventures, from which blood rages. After all, all people in childhood dream about it.

The fantasy genre allows an adult to feel like a child again, find himself in a fairy tale and try on the mask of a brave knight, an almighty wizard or a beautiful maiden warrior. And all this can be done without leaving your favorite couch. Probably, therefore, fantasy is loved not only by young people, but also by the wise with gray hair.

In our time, many new authors have appeared, and they present to the reader’s judgment a wide selection of works written in this genre. In terms of quality, of course, they are different – there are frankly mediocre ones, but there are books that are worthy of everyone’s attention. Our list contains just such – the best books of the fantasy genre.

10. Tales from Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin

American writer Ursula Le Guin wrote a cycle of fantasy books “Tales from Earthsea”. The author gave the reader the opportunity to plunge into the wonderful, fabulous world of Earthsea, inhabited by unusual characters, in the way of thinking and actions similar to ordinary people. Everything that happens in Earthsea belongs to the world of scientific magic, the kingdom of powerful wizards and extraordinary dragons.

The series of works about the Earthsea Archipelago can be roughly divided into two blocks. First, the story of the formation of the main magician Ged is described, then he goes aside and other characters and events of the Archipelago come to the fore. The world of magic is thoroughly thought out, there are no overlooked trifles, it is convincing and bright. The author managed to create a beautiful fairy tale, which is read by millions of fans of her talent.

9. The color of magic by Terry Pratchett

The Color of Magic is a series of books by the popular English writer Terry Pratchett. It belongs to the genre of humorous fantasy. The author placed his heroes, the wizard Rincewid and his guide Twoflower, in Discworld. In it, they had to face sea trolls and imaginary dragons, visit the mystery island Krull, meet Death and experience many more different adventures.

There are many absurdities and absurdities in Pratchett’s fairy tale world. But this is how it should be in the Discworld, where there are laws and rules that are different from our usual ones.

8. The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski

The series of novels by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski “The Witcher” is one of the best books in the fantasy genre. The main character is the witcher Geralt, endowed with magical powers, hunting monsters and other evil spirits. He is not alone in this world – he has a lover and friends.

The psychological portraits of the heroes of the saga were written by the author with great skill, and the whole magical world is unusually colorful and authentic. But the wonderful space is soon filled with cruelty, intrigue, and betrayal. The cycle of works by Sapkowski was widely used in the creation of films and comics.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia by Clive Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia is a seven-part work by the English writer Clive Lewis and is a children’s fantasy literature. The author sent his readers along with four children to the fabulous country of Narnia, where animals speak the language of people, magic is considered commonplace, and good enters into a merciless struggle with evil and deceit.

Lewis, in a form accessible to children, talks about the ideas of Christianity in the chronicles. He represents Jesus Christ in the form of the Lion – the king of Narnia. Narnia is an amazing country with beautiful nature, magical music, where heroes cannot die from illness, but only in the fight against evil. You can find yourself in Narnia simply by entering a wardrobe with clothes, as well as with the help of wonderful rings, through a picture that comes to life, and in other unusual ways.

6. Northern Lights (The Golden Compass) by Philip Pullman

The Golden Compass is the first novel in a children’s fantasy series by the English writer Philip Pullman. The action takes place in an extraordinary world in which domineering witches reign, armored bears speak the human language and know how to fight perfectly. And each representative of the human tribe has its own guardian “damon” – an animal talisman.

The twelve-year-old girl Lyra, in search of her friend kidnapped by the priests, finds herself in a fabulous northern world. She, along with her daemon Panteleimon, learns about the terrible experiments on children. The girl is ready to fight absolute evil to save her friend. The book was filmed in 2007 and was nominated for an Oscar.

5. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

The cycle of books “A Song of Ice and Fire” by the writer from the USA George Martin can be attributed to the epic fantasy. The cycle began in 1996, now five novels have been published, but the author is not going to stop there. The novel takes place in the wonderful world of Westeros, at the beginning of a very cold winter that lasts for many years.

The world shown by the author is somewhat similar to the Middle Ages on our planet. A large number of storylines are intertwined in the work, the number of characters is also off scale. But there is very little magic and magic content in them. The main events revolve around the possession of the Iron Throne, it is for it that a constant battle is being waged.

Special attention is paid to the incidents on the Ice Wall, which protects people from terrible creatures who are called “others”, about the young Jon Snow and the dragon tamer Daenerys Targaryen.

4. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

“Harry Potter” – a series of books in the fantasy genre, created by the English writer Joan Kathleen Rowling. The protagonist of this story is Harry Potter – a boy with an unusual scar on his face, who is an orphan. He lives in an ordinary English family in the position of a poor relative and did not know about his magical power until he enters a magic school. There he learns the secret of his birth, makes friends, and together they will have different adventures. He is trapped by a terrible enemy, a meeting with which is mortally dangerous for Harry.

The world of wizards and magicians is described by the author in detail and with great skill. Based on Rowling’s works, films have been made that have an impressive number of fans. Interestingly, the writer with great difficulty published the first book, at first the publishers believed that she had no chance of success. Now Rowling’s books are printed in millions of copies all over the world.

3. Lords of Swords by Michael Moorcock

A series of chronicles “Lords of Swords” by the English science fiction writer Michael Moorcock belongs to the heroic variety of the fantasy genre. The main character is Prince Corum, a representative of the dying out tribe of Wadhags, with yellow eyes, in a scarlet cloak and with magical prostheses.

This is an eternal warrior, traveling across different parallel worlds, fighting with magic weapons and reincarnating all the time. Trying to pay off those who destroyed his relatives and mutilated himself, Corum has to fight along the way to preserve the Cosmic Balance. The worlds in which events take place are wonderful and wonderful, magical creatures live there, the gods play with the fate of people and heroic deeds are performed.

2. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

American writer Robert Jordan created a cycle of fantasy novels “The Wheel of Time”. He invented a unique and mysterious world, not inferior to the fantasy of Tolkien. The work has a large number of different characters. In addition to people, there are still reincarnations – representatives of the dark force (trollocs and murddraals).

The action begins with the introduction of three friends with unusual visitors. After that, they are rapidly twisted by the cycle of events. They have to experience a lot: difficult choices, fateful meetings, loss of friends, treachery, horrors of war. Computer games have been developed based on Jordan’s works, and a television series is planned to be shot.

1. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings, a trilogy by John Ronald Ruel Tolkien, is rightfully our favorite on our list of the best fantasy books. This is one of the most famous and popular works of literature of the 20th century. Tolkien is the creator of the fantasy genre itself. All subsequent authors working in this genre, if they did not imitate it, were certainly equal to the famous English writer.

Tolkien described the world of Middle-earth in an amazingly picturesque, amazing language, in which tragic events unfold. The relationships between the inhabitants of the world are interesting – people, hobbits, elves, gnomes, wizards. In the work of a lot of dark fantastic creatures (orcs, goblins, dragons, scary spiders and fire monsters), which, as the plot unfolds, will meet on the way of the Ring-bearers.

In the center of the tale, Frodo stands alone – a short hobbit, on whom a seemingly unbearable burden was placed – to destroy the focus of evil – Sauron’s ring. But this is only an apparent weakness, events show that the choice was made correctly. Inside the little hobbit has a kind, pure heart and a courageous soul. Dark witchcraft forces have gathered a huge army and are ready to sweep the whole world from the face of the earth. And it depends only on Frodo whether the world of Middle-earth can continue to exist. Friends from the Fellowship of the Ring help him, but only he can bring this magical artifact and burn it in the furnace of the volcano.

The trilogy was filmed and enjoys great success with the viewer, many computer games have been created based on it.

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