How to quickly cool your car in the summer heat

The globe is at this stage of its rotation, when our latitudes receive more abundance of light and heat, or in short – it’s summer. Usually the morning is cool, but in a hurry to get more than every summer day, we neglect the little things. For example, where we will park our car.

Longing for a refreshing shower after a long working day, a warm wave of air awaits us, hidden in the car. Our clothes stick, the children grumble, the situation gets “hot” nervous. There is no time to explain that the sun moves during the day, you need quick action.

What are the basic tricks that will help you cool the hot car quickly and efficiently in a few easy steps?

Ventilate the interior

We start the exercise with “warm-up” or rather with fast cooling:

To quickly cool the interior, first open the windows on both sides of the car, making a few quick movements back and forth with one of the doors, like a large fan. Although this seems rather strange to others, the movement provides much faster air circulation inside the cabin. Our advice is to leave the sunroof always closed in the summer.

Adjust the air conditioner correctly

This advice is familiar to all drivers, but still if it has evaporated from the heat… Set the air conditioning of your car to the lowest temperature by choosing the option to introduce outside air and not to circulate the inside. In any case, the temperature outside is lower than inside the car. In the meantime, open all the windows, because the air conditioning system needs some time to work at full capacity.

Use the system-oriented lower air vents

In the summer we are not up to physics lessons, but the warm air rises and the cold air goes down. Therefore, it is more than logical to set the air conditioner to cool the lower parts to expel heat through the open windows of the car. If necessary, close the air vents on the dashboard with their switches to speed up this process. A real “cardio workout” for ventilation.

Keep the windows open

Go to the main part and set off, but leave the windows open for a few minutes to change the hot air. Then allow the air conditioner to operate as intended. Unfortunately, in the big cities the traffic is quite heavy, and the repair works are carried out exactly in the summer – and this does not help at all for the good air circulation in the interior.

Close the windows and switch to internal circulation

As soon as the temperature in the car is low enough, close the windows and switch to internal air circulation. You can now return the air vents on the instrument panel to the home position and allow the air conditioner to cool in the upper positions. Most modern cars have a climatronic that maintains a constant temperature in the cabin.

How to protect the car from overheating

Avoid direct sunlight in the parking lot

Stop in the shade, perhaps under a tree or near buildings, as this is the easiest way to protect your car from overheating. If you have a garage option – use it! It will keep your car clean and cool.

Use a sun visor for the windshield

It prevents direct sunlight from entering the passenger compartment, thus protecting the steering wheel and gear lever from heating up. Sunshades are available at every gas station, coming in a variety of designs and shapes.

Leave the car windows slightly open

This ensures easy air circulation and prevents excessive temperature rise inside. However, do not leave your car unattended with more than an inch of windows open and always activate the alarm, because usually thieves do not rest in the summer months.

Cover the seats

Most modern interiors are in a dark color that heats up easily, and at the same time, over time, leather seats can crack and deform if not properly maintained with the right detergents. Therefore, we recommend that you put on light protective covers or even a plain towel while you are not inside.

Wipe hot surfaces with a damp cloth

This is especially useful when the steering wheel and gear lever are very hot and you are in a hurry to start immediately.

Maintain the air conditioning of your car regularly

Regular maintenance of the air conditioning system allows good efficiency on hot summer days. Every spring, visit an authorized service center to check the level of the refrigerant and make sure that the system is working properly.

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