Razer Blade 15 – slim, powerful, elegant. The mobile gamer’s dream come true

There was a time when the phrase “gaming laptop” caused a crooked smile in most PC hardware enthusiasts. The very idea of ​​assembling in a thin and light body computing power, sufficient for the heaviest and most demanding PC applications – video games, was literally unthinkable.

We turn the watch a few years forward and get a machine like the Razer Blade 15 – D3NT – an impressively powerful gaming laptop that has everything you need for comfortable gaming, in a case less than 2 centimeters thick and weighing just over 2 kilograms. The good thing is that it is also available in our country.

The most compact gaming laptop in the world

When it first appeared 4 years ago, Razer’s Blade series received a standing ovation at CES 2016 precisely because of the combination of impressive power and modest size it offered. To this day, these are the two most striking features of the Blade family of products.

At first glance, the Razer Blade 15 – D3NT looks more like a modern ultrabook or a boring PC office – very different from most of the competition’s products, which usually rely on bulky cases with aggressive design, bright RGB illuminations and extravagant accents.

In stark contrast, the Blade 15 impresses with a clean, sleek, even spartan look that gives it the discreet radiance of a mobile system you’ll hardly assume hides so much power under its hood.

The only thing that might hint at the gaming or at least the multimedia nature of the Blade 15 are the two speakers on either side of the keyboard, which provide excellent sound with solid bass (unlike most laptop audio solutions, which are quite mediocre) and the impressive backlight for each of the keys.

Of course, like any self-respecting gaming machine, here we can not do without what has become an emblem of RGB, but Razer have limited themselves to monotonous backlighting, ie. the keys can only be illuminated in one color at a time, not in the entire possible range. Which we personally find for the better solution – a keyboard in all colors of the rainbow is probably a dream of every 12-year-old gamer, but for the more conservative of us illumination in one tone is more than enough.

Connected on many levels

Unlike most laptops with an ultra-compact design, the Blade 15 has virtually no trade-offs in terms of interface options. Which, of course, is more than good news for any PC gamer, because, let’s be honest – who would replace a good old touchpad mouse if there was a choice – especially when playing “fast” action games like Apex Legends and “Eternal” Counter Strike. So most Blade 15 owners will probably want to plug in a mouse, whether wireless or wired, as well as add various other peripherals, such as a gamepad, headphones, and why not an external keyboard.

Fortunately, as we mentioned, Razer has taken care to provide more than enough interface capabilities, so you’re unlikely to miss anything in this regard. The Blade 15 has three USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI video output for connecting an external display, a Thunderbolt 3 port and even an RJ45 input for a LAN cable network. Add to that the support for Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac wireless options.

Faster, Faster, Fastest, Blade 15

Of course, a laptop can’t claim to be “gaming” if it doesn’t have enough computing power to play even the heaviest modern games with a comfortable frame rate.

The Blade 15 takes care of this with an impressive combination of a fast Intel i7-9750H processor with 6 physical cores and 12 threads with a peak clock speed of 4.50 GHz, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics adapter with 6GB of video memory and 16 GB of RAM, which you can desire to increase to 32 GB.

How to translate all this into gaming, ie. framerate language? With the basic (native) Full HD resolution of the 15-inch display that the Blade 15 offers, that means a stable 60+ frames per second in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, over 90 fps in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and just as much in title like Battlefield V – all at the highest level of visual detail.

If you are a fan of the so-called racing action – games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Counter Strike or Call of Duty: Warzone with some (minimal) compromise on graphic details (say, choosing medium or high instead of ultra settings), you can easily take advantage and on another key extra of the Blade 15 – the maximum 144 hertz refresh rate, which supports its built-in display. With such an ultra-high refresh, your reaction time in the game will be minimal, and this (proven by practical tests) can give you a serious advantage over your opponents in online matches.


What’s the point of a gaming laptop if it doesn’t allow you to play on the go even when you’re away from a power source? Thanks to the extremely high energy efficiency of the components used and the excellent battery management, the Blade 15 can easily provide you with between 5 and 5 1/2 hours of time for comfortable gaming on a completely autonomous power supply.

Which is an impressive indicator of such a powerful machine! The good news is that charging the battery is also quite fast – about an hour and a half to full capacity. A known downside is that despite the presence of a USB Type-C connector, you will not be able to use it to charge your Blade 15, so be sure to bring its original charger with you – unfortunately there is simply no alternative.

In conclusion

Razer again impresses with a mobile system that is ultra-compact, powerful and discreet at the same time. With a clean, sleek design and respectful performance, the Blade 15 is a dream come true for any mobile gamer who wants to take their favorite PC game titles anywhere with them and be able to enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Thumbs up – Blade 15 is a gaming joy!

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