G Pro X Wireless: high-end wireless gaming headphones (review)

Today, many (even too many) products on the market claim to be three things: “wireless”, “gaming” and “pro”. Among all of them, Logitech’s proposals are sure to stand out the most, as they were the first to actually remove the stigma surrounding such a periphery until recently.

We are talking about things like latency, response time, battery life – all important for a pro gamer indicators, in which virtually all wireless analogues were inferior to wired versions of mice, keyboards, headphones.

Thanks to its unique Lightspeed technology, Logitech has been able to offer a series of peripherals that rightfully deserve the “Pro” in its name – lightning fast, with an impressively long battery life and trouble-free reliability. It was high time to join great products like the G613 / G915 keyboards and G703 / Pro Wireless mice and an equally respectable pair of pro gaming headphones. Headphones like G PRO X Wireless.


G Pro X Wireless: high-end wireless gaming headphones (review)

You can safely consider Pro X Wireless as a logical upgrade over the already excellent cable version – Pro X. Logitech very wisely followed the principle “If it is not broken, do not repair it” and excluding the slightly increased (by about 50 grams) weight, you actually get identical in every respect product, but with another serious, additional extra – wireless freedom.

All the pros of the Pro X are also present here – the extra pair of suede headphones, if you don’t like the faux leather ones installed by default, a USB Type-C charging cable, as well as a special carrying case.

The earphones themselves are large, comfortable, and the stroke of the two brackets to adjust the length of the headphones is enough even if you have a slightly larger head or decide to use them in a set with VR glasses like Oculus Quest, for example. Use with ordinary glasses is also completely trouble-free and does not impair the comfort of the experience, even with prolonged wear.

The build quality is naturally uncompromising – typical of Logitech, G Pro X Wireless leave a feeling of strength and solid construction, which will easily withstand the test of time and will serve you faithfully for years.


Like its cable version, the G Pro X Wireless is a closed type headset. This means a slightly more limited sound picture compared to the open versions, but also denser bass, as well as incomparably better sound insulation. External noises will not disturb the intimacy of your gaming experience in any way. In the virtual world of the game, you can expect an extremely detailed audio picture with easy-to-detect sound indications – for example, the direction of shooting, the steps of an approaching player or just background noise in a beautifully composed product like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Like the classic G Pro X version, the wireless version relies on large, 50mm speakers, and Logitech has made sure that Wireless’s overall audio calibration does not differ dramatically from the cable version, which is an impressive achievement in itself.

Of course, this is largely due to the unique 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless connection, which is Logitech’s proprietary technology. It provides not only excellent signal quality, but also an impressive range of up to 12 meters.

As it also consumes extremely little power even in the most conservative scenario, the G Pro X Wireless can provide you with up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.

More extras

G Pro X Wireless: high-end wireless gaming headphones (review)

One of the strongest advantages of the G Pro X Wireless is the built-in high-quality microphone, which, of course, you can turn off or even disconnect from the headphones if you don’t use it.

A particularly key element for this product is the availability of advanced Blue VO! CE software, which not only provides excellent voice clarity and high quality communication, but also allows the application of various effects in real time directly from the centralized Logitech G HUB software.

Again, you can activate the special DTS 7.1-channel audio mode for virtual surround, but honestly, it will probably be most useful when watching movies, not so much when playing. It’s just that the stereo picture of the G Pro X Wireless is so good and accurate that you’ll hardly ever need 3D audio while gaming.

In conclusion

Until recently, the combination of pro gaming and wireless connectivity did not enjoy a particularly high reputation. Logitech has swiftly changed that – first in the classic gaming peripherals segment – mice and keyboards, and now in the field of high-end gaming headphones.

With G Pro X Wireless you get a high quality product, guaranteeing not only impeccable sound quality, but also comfort of use, long battery life and last but not least – wireless freedom. Excellent package!

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