Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

Each nation can boast of its beautiful representatives. However, it cannot be said unequivocally that a particular nation is the most beautiful. In any country there can be wonderful people from whom it is difficult to take your eyes off. And in the same way, you can see ugly facial features or body imperfections in someone.

In our time of all kinds of ratings and various tops, the definition of “the most beautiful nations in the world” cannot be ignored. Similar studies are conducted every year, both scientists and ordinary people who are invited to participate in surveys are engaged in them. The results are not the ultimate truth, but preference is given. Moreover, the main backbone of the rating remains practically unchanged. Our article provides a ranking of the most beautiful nations in the world.

10. The French

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

The country-trendsetter, the birthplace of musketeers, world famous love stories, magnificent palaces for several years has completed the list of 10 countries with its most beautiful inhabitants. The average French are characterized by small stature and medium-sized build. The face is distinguished by large features, brown eyes and a head frame of black hair. But among them there are both fair-haired and blue-eyed residents of the country.

It is customary to distinguish three types of Frenchmen. The descendants of the Gauls are tall, light skin and hair, and pale blue eyes. The Celts have dark hair, medium to slightly below average height. The few descendants of the Legur are characterized by dark skin and short stature. However, over the centuries of living together, the main features have mixed, and today the standard Frenchman has a slightly elongated face, a straight nose, dark eyes, and a tendency to thinness.

For French women, special elegance, graceful negligence, and femininity are characteristic. Apparently, numerous couturiers love to create in this European country for a reason. For girls of any age, naturalness of hair and make-up, openness, good manners and a light smile are considered special chic.

9. South Africans

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

The Republic of South Africa was named “Rainbow Country”. This is due to its national diversity, 80% of the population is given to people with black skin color, the remaining 20% ​​is occupied by mulattoes and whites, slightly diluted by Indians and Asians.

Among the black inhabitants of the country, the Zulu occupy most of the country, and their buttocks are especially prominent. The Zuluks have a huge booty that looks somewhat raised and parallel to the earth’s surface. Since olden times, thinness has been considered here a sign of illness, recently it has been associated with AIDS. But a plump woman will become her husband’s favorite, showing with her bodies his eternal love and ability to get a decent food.

True, recently the European fashion for the fragility of girls has reached the African continent and even changed the population’s love for volumetric forms. Some of the black beauties were able to gain worldwide popularity: Liya Kebede took 11th place in the ranking of the highest paid models, black Agbani Darego was able to win the Miss World title for the first time in history, beating her white competitors.

8. The British

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

The British are rightfully ranked eighth among the most beautiful nations in the world. The inhabitants of foggy Albion have a slightly elongated skull, close-set eyes (may be slightly protruding), a small mouth, and white skin. The British are distinguished by their tall stature, a wide face with a slight reddish tint.

These are very polite and well-mannered people who always remain calm, they are distinguished by conservatism, restraint, frugality, adhere to age-old traditions.

7. Dutch

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

Fit Dutch are considered a sporting nation. Cycling, yoga, exercise and fitness centers are recognized as their favorite pastimes. This is one of the healthiest nations and a very beautiful nation.

Most Dutch people are tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. Girls tend to be overweight, so they constantly and meticulously monitor their weight. Unlike the tight-fisted Englishmen, the Dutch like to buy expensive shoes and clothes.

6. Australians

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

Australians are a graceful mix of people from all over the UK. The Scots, Irish, British, and people of Wales contributed to the formation of the nation.

The artificially created nation is distinguished by a sporty physique, relief muscles. Here sports are considered a popular pastime, so tucked bellies and a good physique are in fashion. Beauty, tan, snow-white smile distinguish Australians and dispose to pleasant communication.

Aboriginal people fall short of high standards. They have dark skin, a wide nose, a prominent chin, and curly dark hair. But meeting them is quite problematic: the indigenous people prefer to live away from big cities.

5. Italians

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

The standard Italian is a short, bright brunette with dark skin and lively brown eyes. The main character trait is excessive emotionality and explosive temperament. Italian women, thanks to regular visits to beauty salons, look younger than their neighbors.

Italians always carefully monitor their appearance, their favorite pastime is to visit beauty salons, fashion shows. They do not bypass the gym, thanks to which they retain their athletic figure for a long time. An additional attraction of this nation is given by their love of life and sociability.

4. Canadians

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

In fourth place of the most beautiful nations are Canadians. The appearance of Canadians can be very diverse, it was formed at the expense of immigrants, so in the anamnesis of Canadians can be found residents of France, England, other countries in Europe and Asia. They all blended gracefully, creating an attractive nation.

And yet we can distinguish two categories of appearance of the inhabitants of the northern country. For girls-descendants of the inhabitants of France are characterized by an incredibly cute face, radiant skin, a figure on which you can stop to look. English ancestors passed on to their descendants high stature, slenderness, blondness, red hair and freckles.

Men have the same traits, but they pay less attention to this influence. Canadians feel great in jeans, shorts, stretchy sweaters. Business suits are usually worn by older residents. In Canadian fashion, red is always a bright color. Although girls do not particularly like cosmetics, preferring natural beauty.

3. Kenyans

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

Cute Kenyans are not always good at their appearance. To beautify the appearance, they use bright colors, apply a basic solid color on the skin, and draw patterns on it. Beautiful hairstyles are complemented by huge feathers or exquisite rounded outfits. Genuine leather clothing becomes a unique addition to the look.

2. Colombians

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

This country is known not only as the birthplace of international drug cartels, but also for its beautiful inhabitants. Initially, the territory of the modern state was inhabited by Indians, but the colonizers who arrived from Spain almost completely exterminated the indigenous population. A little later, the descendants of the conquistadors mingled with the remnants of the locals and afro americans, creating a surprisingly attractive nation. The population is characterized by dark skin, short stature, graceful build, straight thick hair.

Colombians are usually restless, easy-going and have a love of fun. It is important for girls to have a narrow waist and wide hips. This is considered a sign of good origin.

1. Brazilians

Top 10 most beautiful nations in the world

This Latin American country has firmly held the honorable first place in the ranking of the most beautiful nations for quite some time.

Brazil is considered to be very diverse in its population. Here you can easily meet a blue-eyed blond inhabitant and a natural afro american. The northeast of the vast state is characterized by a large number of fairly light mulattoes and very dark-skinned inhabitants. The influence of the Indians is more felt in the northern territories. The south of the country was chosen by the descendants of Europeans.

The most attractive representatives of Brazil have short stature, dark or chocolate skin. In fashion, not lush hair. This is due to the fact that they are quite rare in this country of solid curls.

Maintaining a slender figure is a problem for women, historically the locals had curvaceous forms. Therefore, gyms and fitness clubs are in high demand, especially since young people prefer to wear tight-fitting clothes or open the maximum amount of body.

The article presented a rating of the most attractive nations in the world. Some may agree with him, some may protest, considering the non-listed nations more worthy of this high title. But the reality today is just that. So it may make sense to participate more actively in such research, defending your point of view.

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