10 good reasons to read books

When was the last time you read a book? Or are you just content with google + and facebook statuses and twitter posts? Now I will try to convince you that reading is useful – here are 10 reasons!

1. Stimulation of the brain

According to research, brain stimulation can slow (or even prevent) the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. If we keep our gray matter active, it will not lose its strength. Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires exercise to stay strong and healthy. Arranging puzzles or games like chess are also useful brain stimulation activities.

2. Stress reduction

It doesn’t matter how stressful our work, our personal relationships or the countless tasks we solve every day if we grab a good book at the end of the day. A good novel can transport us to other realities, where we will experience complete relaxation. Checked and guaranteed!

3. Knowledge

When we read something, new information enters our head that we may need at any time! The more knowledge we gain, the better prepared we will be before each new test.

Think about one more thing: no one can take our knowledge from us, such as the car, the house, the money…

4. Enriching the vocabulary

This is related to the above point: the more we read, the more words we will learn. They will surely find their place in our daily vocabulary. Clear and correct expression is helpful for any profession, and knowing that we can speak at a higher level, we will be more confident.

Reading books also helps to learn new languages, as foreign words used in context will be easier to understand, remember and learn in writing and spoken.

5. Better memory

When we read a book, we must remember many images, their characters, their desires, stories and nuances, different storylines. It’s really hard to remember, but our brains can remember these things with enviable ease. Each new memory we create builds new synapses (brain threads) and strengthens the existence of such, which helps for short-term memory, as well as to improve mood. Isn’t that great?

6. Better analytical thinking

There is no way to read an interesting and intricate novel and not try to unravel the mystery on your own before reading the book! I do it.

If this is the case with you, in these moments you develop your analytical thinking, taking into account all the details, anticipating them, arranging them – to determine the outcome.

The ability to understand the details will help us to appreciate the novel – is it well written, are the characters built correctly, does the story run smoothly, etc.

7. Better focus and concentration

Today, life happens mostly on the Internet, and multitasking happens there – our attention is focused on countless things we do at once. We divide the time of 5 minutes between work tasks, checking e-mail, chatting with friends, looking at twitter, checking the smartphone and communicating with colleagues. This is not useful, on the contrary, it is stressful and reduces our productivity.

When we read a book, all our attention is focused on the story – the rest of the world just disappears and we immerse ourselves in every detail. If we read 15-20 minutes before work, we will be more focused when we enter the office.

8. Improve writing

This goes hand in hand with improving our vocabulary: reading well-written texts has a proven effect on our own writing, as the foreign rhythm, fluency, and writing style of other authors affect our own writing.

9. Reconciliation

Reading a good book can bring us inner peace and tranquility. Some texts help to lower blood pressure, others – for psychoanalysis and self-knowledge…

10. Cheap entertainment

There’s nothing wrong with that, buying books is expensive. However, there are cheaper, even free alternatives – the library or the Internet. There are many online repositories where you can download free e-books.

And now, get up from the computer for a while, take a book and give yourself a new world! Which book did you choose?

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