5G – the new favorite conspiracy or why you should be more afraid of baby monitors than the network

According to a study by Science Mag, lies, or fake news, spread faster than scientifically based truths. In numbers: you are 70% more likely to share fake news on social media than true news. “It’s much easier for people to find this information and find it interesting, and more importantly, to find a group of like-minded people around it that makes them feel involved, belonging to a community that has discovered the truth.” – says John Kelly, director of the New York-based company Graphika, which deals with analysis and has spent much of his time as such in discussions about the 5G network on social networks.

Conspiracies on the subject, according to Kelly, are mainly fueled by profiles on social networks, for which topics such as anti-vaccination, the Earth is flat, chemtrails (chemical airlines), etc. are not alien and part of their belief. It is much easier to believe in a theory circulating on social media than to do your own research and look for reliable sources of information.

Fears of entering the 5G network are mainly focused on the impact on human health. Opponents want evidence of the safety of the new higher frequency network before its actual use, which would not be superfluous, but at the same time the science is already clear. The accusations do not pass the test in the study of high radio frequencies and power in comparison with those of household appliances that have long been accepted as part of our everyday life, for example. Which does not make the latter harmful…

Natural levels of radiation, as well as those from the use of various devices, are all around us. Magnetic fields, radio, sun, ultraviolet rays and many other examples can be given in this line of thought. “Radiation” is a word that in itself instills fear and takes thought into the realm of evil. I prefer to use the term electromagnetic energy. Frequencies are measured in Hertz (1000 Hertz = 1 kiloHertz, followed by mega, giga, tera, peta, exaHertzs…).

In Australia, the 5G network is at 3.5 GHz or in the range between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The same used for decades for wireless internet in our homes. Values ​​are expected to soon reach levels of 26GHz “millimeter waves” used for over 50 years for radars and satellites. Although frightening, this number is within the limits of radio broadcasts and visible sunlight. The ultraviolet frequency is 10,000 times higher than the solar frequency, which in turn is 1,000 times higher than that of a microwave oven. And just reaching the highest levels of the ultraviolet spectrum (about 3000 teraHertz) is that turning point of “ionizing radiation”. It is in the range of these values, X-rays and the presence of radioactive sources that a process begins in which the structure of the living cell is disrupted.

For decades, the frequencies on which the 5G network will operate have been used around the world and in Bulgaria. From the military. And the level at which there is a real danger of harm to health is about 1000 times above that.

There are over 25,000 studies on the effects of electromagnetic energy on a living cell, including about 500 for working near high-frequency millimeter-wave radar in passenger aircraft, for example. They all lead to the conclusion of the World Health Organization (here) that “there is no evidence that exposure to low levels of electromagnetic waves is dangerous to human health.”

Why now “low” levels of electromagnetic waves?

Adam Turner is a well-known and award-winning Australian journalist with a focus on technology. This year, he participated in a Telstra study on the 5G health effects conducted in the Gold Coast, Australia at the initiative of ARPANSA (the local equivalent of the National Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Protection).

The aim of the study is to determine the permissible levels of electromagnetic waves in order to protect human health, in connection with the concerns arising from the introduction of 5G network. The focus was on children, the elderly and those with medical implants. Here is what the journalist says: “Armed with an independent tester (worth $ 150,000) measuring electromagnetic waves, we compared the power levels of the 5G hotspot with a series of household appliances to find out that the baby monitor, walkie-talkie and microwave oven put us at greater risk of radiation. ”

Somehow, it even turns out that radio is more dangerous than the network, because 5G signals do not pass through the human body, do not even penetrate our skin. This is the reason why the antenna of 5G phones is on their back.

Another interesting fact that Turner shares is about the influence of the base stations that build the 5G network in the settlements, namely that the farther they are, the higher the levels of danger, because the signal is stronger. The search for such a station creates in the phone the so-called radiation shields, which causes the mobile device to operate at a higher power, until the signal is reached and they are more exposed to the effects of electromagnetic waves.

In summary, the facts about 5G actually show that it is not a novelty or a threat. For many years we have been exposed to the influence of their frequencies, which are within safe levels. The investigation and the facts are in sight. It would be useful for all of us to deal with them and leave mythology within Olympus.

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