Top 10 strongest alcoholic drinks in the world

Top 10 strongest alcoholic drinks – that is the main topic of this article. Since ancient times, people have learned to make drinks containing strong alcohol. Formally, strong beverages are those containing more than 20% alcohol. These include countless types and varieties of alcohol. For example, vodka, tequila, cognac, whiskey, etc., cannot be enumerated. Every year their variety and quantity are increasing more and more.

Some alcoholic beverages are drunk in their pure form; others are used only for mixing cocktails. Our ranking contains the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world. Alcohol is present in them, in a ratio with other components, from 40 to 96%. When consuming alcoholic beverages, remember that they pose a threat to health.

10. Gin Bombay Sapphire (47% Alc. by Vol.)


Gene Bombay sapphire is in the last place in our ranking of spirits. Gin contains a dozen different ingredients, including bitter almonds, citrus peel, violet root, and of course, juniper. Bombay Sapphire is a British brand that is one of the extraordinarily fortified and expensive gin drinks.

The Bombay bottle is light blue, rectangular. Alcohol in a bottle of exact crystal color, the strength of 47 degrees. Bombay Sapphire is suitable for direct consumption and for making cocktails. The gin has a pleasant citrus taste with a predominance of juniper. Pieces of ice will add even more zest to this drink.

9. Armagnac Domaine de Jaulin (48.3% Alc. by Vol.)


The French Armagnac Domaine de Jolene, among alcoholic beverages, belongs to the order of cognacs. Its production began in 1973 in the province of the same name. The Darroz family made Armagnac. For a long time (thirty-seven years), the alcoholic drink was aged in the province’s cellars.

In 2019, the producer poured it into glass bottles. The alcohol content in Armagnac is more than 48%. Its aroma is rich and refined. The taste of Domaine de Jaulin combines notes of fruit, vanilla, coffee, oak. It is recommending to drink Armagnac without snacking to feel all the richness of taste. Domain de Jolene can be diluted with juice, water, soda.

8. Bepi Tosolini Agricola Grappa (50% Alc. by Vol.)


Bepi Tosolini Agricola Grappa alcoholic drink produces in Italy. The Tosolini company began its history immediately after the Second World War. Signor Tosolini was among the first to age the alcoholic beverage in ash barrels. This trick helped him improve the taste and aroma of the drink. When making Grappa, it is used like the grape itself, also its shoots and seeds.

Bepi Tosolini Agricola Grappa is a crystal clear alcohol with a strength of fifty degrees, and the scent is a berry mix blended with a floral bouquet. The taste of the drink is pleasant with a long aftertaste.

7. Glenfarclas 105 whiskey (60% Alc. by Vol.)


Whiskey Glenfarclas 105 is a popular alcoholic beverage. The place of his birth and production in Scotland. Glenfarclas 105 is made with yeast, barley, and water. The share of alcohol in its composition is 60%. Quality control is carrying out after each stage of production. This action allows the brand to remain unchanged since the start of production.

Whiskey is consumed undiluted and added to cocktails. The whiskey is aging in old wooden barrels, in which sherry was previously stored. Thanks to this aging, the whiskey has its unique taste. Glenfarclas is preferred to drink in England and America.

6. Snake Venom beer (67.5% Alc. by Vol.)


Scottish beer “Snake Venom” belongs to the strongest drinks of this type of alcohol. For the first time, Snake Venom went on sale in 2013 and immediately won fans. This beer has a very high alcohol content of 67.5%. The beer traditionally contains malt and water.

The high strength of beer is obtained due to yeast and freezing in the manufacturing process. “Snake venom” lives up to its name and has a rich, spicy taste. When using Snake Venom, you should consider its high strength and drink slowly, in small sips.

5. Georgian Chacha brandy (70% Alc. by Vol.)


In the middle of the rating is Georgian Chacha – the national Georgian alcoholic drink. The raw material for chacha is grapes of certain varieties (Isabella, Rkatsiteli, Kasich). During production, raw materials are freezing once or twice. Sometimes oak barrels are used for aging chacha. Georgian drink has a strength of about 70 degrees and has a fortified taste with a grape aroma.

4. Rum Bacardi 151 (75.5% Alc. by Vol.)


Rum Bacardi 151 ranks fourth in our ranking. The level of its fortress is 75.5%, the birthplace of production in South America. It is made by fermentation and distillation of molasses with cane syrup. The unusual tart taste of Bacardi 151 is explained by its long aging, about eight years. Not everyone dares to drink rum undiluted; it is mainly included in cocktails.

Bacardi 151 is a transparent amber drink, combines vanilla and oak aromas. Bacardi 151 is a renowned global brand and won about three hundred awards and titles.

3. Absinthe Jacques Senaux Black (85% Alc. by Vol.)


Absinthe Jacques Senot Black is in an excellent third place in the ranking. Among absinthes, it ranks first in terms of strength. Absinthe is named after Jacques Senot, a master blender from France. This man turned his life into an endless tasting of wine drinks and was extremely pleased with these. The homeland of the glass is Spain, where the producer launched large-scale production of absinthe. The beginning of the creation of the drink was laid in 1956.

Jacques Senot Black has 85% strength, has a pleasant licorice taste with delicate wormwood-aniseed interspersed. Jacques Senaux Black is infused with black currant berries. There is no smell of alcohol, although there is a large amount of it in the drink. The pure taste of absinthe is scalding bitter; not everyone dares to try it. They are used as an ingredient in cocktails.

2. Liquor Everclear (95% Alc. by Vol.)


American liquor Everclear is the most potent alcoholic drink of this group. It is in second place in our ranking. An ordinary liquor has an ABV in the region of 30-40%. The share of alcohol in Everclear is 95%, which allowed the liqueur to get into the Guinness Book. Everclear liqueur is also called “devil’s water.”

With such a large percentage of alcohol in the drink, there is no pronounced alcohol taste and smell. This quality is very popular with bartenders mixing cocktails. They consider it an ideal product for creating original cocktails. It should not be drunk undiluted, and in thirteen states of the United States, the sale of liquor is strictly prohibited due to the dangerous effect on human health.

1. Vodka Wratislavia Spirytus (96% Alc. by Vol.)


Vodka Bratislava Spirytus is the strongest alcoholic beverage in the world. The alcohol content of ordinary vodka is no more than 45%, but the alcohol content in Wratislavia Spirytus is 96%. Poland is the country that invented such a strong dring. In the production of Bratislava Spiritus, the primary raw materials are wheat (cereals) and potatoes. Although in traditional production, these components are not mixed. Depending on such raw materials, Bratislava Spiritus acquires its indescribable flavor.

A thorough purification takes place at the production stage, so the vodka has no poisonous additives and is distinguished by impeccable transparency. Drinking undiluted Wratislavia Spirytus is life-threatening. This alcoholic drink uses to make cocktails. When diluted, vodka is an easy-to-drink soft drink.

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