Top 10 scariest places in the world

Let us present you the top 10 scariest places in the world. Tourists admire the natural beauty of coasts, canyons, deserts, waterfalls, snowy peaks. They are captivated by the perfection of architectural structures of famous creators’ authorship and erected by unknown forces of earthly or unearthly origin. No less impressive are other sights, from which the cold runs down the back, the heart stops, and those who like tickling their nerves are delighted. We invite you to get acquainted with the ten most terrible places in the world.

10. Chernobyl


On the territory of Ukraine, there are the notorious abandoned cities of Chernobyl and Pripyat. People who worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant lived in them many years ago. In 1986, a terrible explosion resulted in the release of a massive amount of radioactive materials.

In a short time, the entire population of the infected cities was evacuated. The government defined an exclusion zone within which it was impossible to stay. People abandoned their acquired property. People left schools, hospitals, shops with all the equipment, furniture, items that no one would ever use.

Now the threat of infection is irrelevant. In Pripyat, you can visit with an excursion and see the terrible abandoned city with your own eyes. Ghost town. The grounds and houses are an excellent decoration for a horror movie—broken windows, creaking swings in playgrounds, dolls with severed limbs, dusty cars with flat tires. There is no lighting, desolation everywhere, and strange sounds, terrifying.

9. Abbey of Thelema


On the Italian island of Sicily, there is a mysterious and scary place rumored to be associated with the other world. The famous occultist Aleister Crowley founded a center here, a commune. The prototype was the Abbey of Thelema from the work of Rabelais “Gargantua and Pantagruel.” A kind of anti-monastery in which people lived to please their desires.

In the newly-found place of free love, people practiced various mystical rituals, magical ceremonies, and they studied the founder’s writings. After some of Crowley’s followers’ death, the authorities closed the institution, and the inhabitants of the mysterious place left their homes. But the spirit of witchcraft, connections with the other world, traces of sacrifices, mysterious symbols, and drawings have been preserved. Now, this eerie place attracts lovers of such phenomena and followers of the exiled leader.

8. Mary King’s Close


This scary place locates in Scotland, in old Edinburgh. In the 17th century, the city was seized by a plague. It spread quickly and threatened to destroy the entire city. The authorities decided to collect all the infected in one part of the city and isolate them behind a thick wall. All this is how the underground area of ​​Mary King appeared: it was this woman who owned most of the houses. A city abandoned to die in the throes of unhappy people.

Today, Mary King’s Puffin is a tourist attraction and one of the world’s scariest places.

Thrill-seekers can descend into Edinburgh’s underground part and stroll through the old abandoned streets and dead ends. They say that some hear and see ghosts, the souls of people who have remained locked here for centuries—a very colorful and sad place.

7. Winchester House


Now let’s go to the USA, the city of San Jose. Sarah Winchester is the daughter-in-law of the inventor of the famous rifle. She had a sad female fate, filled with the loss of loved ones. It is not known for sure what caused her to build such a strange house. According to one of the versions, the medium guessed that the souls of those killed by the rifle were the cause of her troubles and would haunt this lady until the end of her life. Therefore, she must build a house with intricate architecture so that the ghosts in it wander, and it was difficult for them to overtake the mistress.

Now it is a stately four-story Victorian building, open to tourists.

People believed that this scary place is filled with ghosts. The house has many intricate building elements: narrow corridors, stairs leading to the ceiling, windows in the floor, doors that open outward (on the upper floors), or human height. There are 10,000 windows and 2,000 doors.

6. Catacombs of Paris


Back in the 10th century, the development of underground catacombs began. In the catacombs, limestone was mined for the construction of houses of the Parisians. The history of these scary dungeons is long. As a result, they found themselves under the city center and became a threat to streets and houses’ failure. Therefore, in the 18th century, a special inspection was created, which still exists today. Its task is to strengthen the vaults and walls, to monitor the threat of collapse.

“Stop, here is the kingdom of death …” – reads the inscription at the entrance to the tunnels under the streets of Paris.

How did careers become the realm of death? There is another municipal problem associated with this. Cemeteries, traditionally located in the city center, have become overflowing and have become breeding grounds for infection and stench. At the end of the 18th century, an order had to be issued to liquidate the city cemeteries. For a year and a half, in the darkness of the night, striking workers took out the remains of buried people, disinfected them, and took the bones to the empty catacombs—remains of approximately six million people.

Now part of the tunnels is open for excursions. Time and number of people are limited. The quarries are a dangerous and scary place, labyrinths of passages, the exact map of which is unknown. There are known cases of people lost and lost there. Visitors can observe a small part of the underground caves, all surfaces covered with real human bones and skulls.

5. Manchak swamp


In the middle of our ranking of the world’s scariest places are the Manchak swamps located in the United States. There is a strange and frightening place created by nature and cursed by a man not far from New Orleans. The swampy area where alligators are found does not grow trees, and it is rumored that werewolves live. The water in the swamps is blue-black.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a sorceress was held captive in this area. She cursed the Manchak swamps. Since then, terrible things have been happening there. Experts tried to drain the swamps – nothing came of it. Some died when the workers who carried out the drainage were left homeless (a terrible hurricane destroyed several villages).

4. Easter Island


Chile’s Easter Island is one of the most remote islands on the mainland. It is locating in the Pacific Ocean. There is only one city on it. And many stone statues of Moai. All this owes the island its prosperity as a tourist destination.

The statues make this place more mysterious than scary.

Up to 20 meters tall, the statues are made in pillars with a human face. The mystery of how these blocks ended up in their place did not solve. Scientists have not figured out the secret of ancient transportation technologies, but locals and guests of the island are sure that the statues came to their place independently.

3. Bazaar of black magic in Sonora


The black magic bazaar occupies the third place on the list of the world’s most terrible spots in Sonora. Santa Muerta is one of the Mexicans’ favorite saints. Her veneration is paradoxically combined with the deep religiosity of residents. Almost all of them are real Catholics. There can purchase various attributes of the cult of the Holy Death at the market in Sonora.

On weekends and holidays, ceremonies, rituals, and festivities are held. The shops are creepy and fun at the same time.

Witchcraft is taken seriously in Mexico. Therefore, the bazaar is very popular. Here you can find body parts of dried animals, birds, reptiles, their skulls, and products made of wool and bones. These items are designed to solve absolutely any human problem: from infertility and aching teeth to business success. Magicians always live here, to whom you can turn for help.

2. Chuuk Lagoon


Not far from the coast of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, there is a cemetery for military equipment and crews. In 1944, American air forces flooded the Japanese army, which was based in the lagoon. About three hundred aircraft, more than 40 ships, other equipment, and people who were in it – all this sank to the bottom of the sea and made the lagoon one of the most terrible places on the planet.

Now, this scary place is very popular with divers.

This cemetery of military equipment looks creepy and very sad. Many divers did not return from there, finding their death among ships and planes.

1. Mütter Museum


The winner of our top scariest places in the world is the Mutter Museum of the History of Medicine. Doctors are famous cynics. For them, twisting the skull in their hands costs nothing, and to see the corpse of an animal or a person with an anomaly is generally a great success. But ordinary people with such entertainment rarely meet. In the USA, there is a place where you can see preserved skeletons or organs, a vast collection of skulls, and the body of Siamese twins with one liver.

The Americans created the museum for medical education, but now its expositions are available to the general public. There are medical instruments, biological exhibits, and medical pathologies.

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