Top 10 largest casinos in the world

Humanity’s addiction to gambling is invincible. There will always be those who like to gamble an extra hundred dollars to try their luck. However, fortune is not favorable to all players. But judging by the fashionable look of gaming centers, gambling addiction brings enormous profits to casino owners. Someone attracts visitors with free drinks and excellent cuisine, someone with the institutions’ prestige, the original interior design, and its imposing appearance. The entertainment complexes presented in the review became the largest casinos in the world.

10. Lisboa, Lisbon


The Lisboa Casino owns the tycoon who owns the institution of the same name in Macau. The play center on the shores of the Atlantic can accommodate up to 10 thousand visitors. Lisboa occupies 12 football fields; it is 82 thousand m2. The entertainment center has a thousand gambling machines, 26 tables installed for poker and other gambling games. Seven restaurants and bars open their doors to visitors every day, and there are a thousand comfortable rooms, hectares of parking spaces for cars, and a recreation area for Lisbon guests.

There is a vast musical fountain near the building, which attracts the guests of the city. A light sea breeze brings ocean coolness, thousands of sparkling advertising lights complete the picture. Lisboa Casino is ranked the ninth largest casino in the world.

9. Borgata, Atlantic City


We can see the massive building of the Borgata entertainment complex in Atlantic City from different parts of the city and the bay’s side. The best hotel in New Jersey hosts offsite corporate events for large companies; this is a prestigious place for celebrations and weddings. This casino is not only one of the largest casinos in the world, but also 2 thousand superior rooms, spa and beauty salons, boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas, nightclubs – the most visited places in the center.

The luxuriously decorated casino halls cover 8 hectares. The complex has several gambling zones designed for visitors with different income levels. About 4 thousand game manipulators, swallowing coins, 200 card tables. Up to 15 thousand visitors daily try their luck at this casino.

8. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Marina Bay Sands Casino is the pride of the Malaysian island. Singapore has always attracted tourists from all over the world. And now players are flocking there. The gaming halls amaze with their unusual interiors, the embodiment of bold design solutions and “hanging gardens.” A recreation area with enormous beaches, long pools along the edge of a platform in the form of a colossal gondola, standing on three high-rise buildings, is organized at the height of 600 meters. Vacationers have a panoramic view of the city on one side of the gardens and the ocean expanses on the other.

There are more than 2.5 thousand gambling machines on the complex, half a million standard card tables. Marina Bay Sands’ hotels are the most comfortable in East Asia, ready to receive over five thousand visitors who arrived in Singapore by air and water.

7. MGM Grand, Las Vegas


What a rating of the best casinos without Las Vegas! It is a renowned world casino center. MGM Grand is not only 8.6 hectares of play areas but also one of the world’s largest hotels, the second in the number of rooms. In addition to bars and restaurants, the center has many sports grounds where world boxing championships occur. World-class stars perform in concert halls and the world-famous nightclub.

The “Ocean’s 11” movie used the entertainment centers interiors of the casino.

But the most visited place is traditionally the casino: 2,500 slot machines, 140 gaming tables are never empty. The building attracts tourists. The “Golden Lion” on the facade weighs like a large truck; park areas with fountains and cozy cafes seem tiny compared to giant billboards.

6. The Sands Macau, Macau


The former Portuguese colony of Macau can safely claim the title of the world’s casino capital. There are many large gambling establishments in this administrative center of China. The Sands Macau entertainment center is one of them.

The owner built Macau’s first significant casino in the Las Vegas-style – a gambling and hotel complex under one roof with many restaurants, cafes, spas, cinemas, and concert halls. The building, located on the coast, is surrounded by shops and restaurants in Asian style. The original area of ​​the establishment occupied 2.1 hectares; later, the casino was reconstructed, almost doubling the playing area. Now the hotels have 330 rooms; the center can accommodate more than 15 thousand visitors.

5. Rio Casino Resort, South Africa


The small town of Klerksdorp in South Africa gained worldwide fame with the Rio Casino Resort opening. On an area of ​​130 thousand m2, there are more than ten play areas, including VIP-class. They installed more than 300 slot machines, about 40 tables for gambling. People from all over the world come to try their luck at the Rio Casino Resort. Low rise colonial-style building decorated in national style. A small fountain is a real luxury for a host country.

The casino has become the best gambling establishment on the African continent. Modern interior design, the possibility of families with children, relatively inexpensive hotels, a wide range of services make the casino one of the largest and most visited on the side of the equator.

4. Foxwoods Resort, Connecticut


Traditional European gingerbread house design is a hallmark of Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut. The former Indian reservation Mashantucket is a local resort area. It has become a Mecca for wealthy gamblers hungry for excitement. On the territory of 17.2 hectares, there are six casinos and many hotels.

Over 6 thousand slot machines and about 400 tables for card games and roulette installed on the entertainment complex Foxwoods Resort territory. Huge concert halls with good acoustics attract tourists from all over the world. It is a prestigious venue for rock music festivals, magic competitions, and other global events.

3. City of Dreams, Macau


Another major casino in Macau is the world-famous entertainment center City of Dreams. It is one of the three world leaders among gambling establishments. It will be located next to the ferry crossing and the airport and became part of a massive complex with the Grand Hyatt Macau, next to the vast luxury hotel Hard Rock.

1.5 thousand machines, 450 tables are located on 210 thousand m2. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms, swimming pools, relaxation zones with all massage types, and SAP procedures are open to visitors. In the main game hall, there is a huge fountain that occupies almost half of the area. In it, golden carps slowly swim – an eastern symbol of good luck, for visitors with children – foreign language animators. With them, the kids are staying for the whole daylight hours. Intellectuals can visit the nearby art museum.

2. Bellagio, Las Vegas


The Bellagio Las Vegas gaming complex is the second-largest casino in the world. An outwardly unremarkable skyscraper in the form of an open book is a favorite place for Hollywood filmmakers. The casino filmed scenes of various films with world stars.

The complex is part of Steve Wynn’s empire, owner of luxury hotels and entertainment centers worldwide. At the time of opening, in 1998, this complex was the largest among the playgrounds. It was conceived not only as an entertainment venue. There is a gorgeous art gallery on the territory, a vast swimming pool, a large concert hall where international competitions occur. But the immense pride in the spacious gambling halls with expensive finishes. They have more than 2.5 thousand machines and 200 gaming tables.

1. Venetian Macau, Macau


Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world. Venetian Macau, in Macau’s gaming hub of China, would house eight mid-sized casinos. The entertainment complex is considered the largest globally, located in the fifth-largest building in the world. The complex has 3.5 thousand slot machines, 850 tables for poker, bridge, and roulette situated on 27.5 hectares of multi-level gaming zones. The center is an enlarged copy of the Venetian Las Vegas casino plus a beautiful sports and recreation complex, designed for 15 thousand visitors, a modern entertainment center with a luxurious hall. Venetian Macau hosts championships and festivals of various levels.

Source: TopTimes

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