Top 10 beautiful female video game characters

In this article, we will collect the most beautiful and charming female characters from popular computer games.

10. Lara Croft


Lara Croft, the main character in the series of popular computer games “Tomb rider.” Lara is a talented archaeologist who travels to dangerous places globally and takes part in breathtaking adventures. A bit of mystery, detective, action, and action – that’s what made this game so famous. The first part released in 1996 and the game began to change rapidly but retain its zest. With each release, the appearance of the main character changed and became more attractive, anatomically accurate. However, this is what caused the aggression of some activists. Allegedly, the body of the main character is too perfect. To each her own, and we love Lara Croft not only for her beautiful legs but also for an exciting plot!

9. Eloy


This game is about the world after a global ecological disaster. The situation on Earth became aggravated after people’s actions led to cataclysms that completely changed the planet’s climate and atmosphere. This world is dominated by science and robots that have taken over the Earth, out of control. The world has rolled back to the primitive era, where instead of animals, people hunt and use feral robots. Eloy is the main character; since childhood, she is an exile from the Nora tribe. She does not know the reasons, but thanks to her mentor Rast (who is also an exile), she acquires many useful skills and sets off in search of answers about her origin and connection with the lost world.

8. Triss Merigold


The red-haired beast won the hearts of fans of the Witcher series. Those who did not want to follow the romantic line with the cold Yennefer chose the laughing Triss Merigold, who clearly showed her feelings and gentle character. Since the books’ days, the enchantress has been loved, and her game version won players’ hearts worldwide. Fiery red hair, figure, bright emerald eyes, and softness are the main qualities of Merigold. It’s hard to blame someone for deviating from the canon when you want to stay with this beauty.

7. Zither


Sister of the main antagonist of the Far Edge game cycle. A stately, mysterious leader of the Rakyat tribe on Ru’s island, where the game’s main action occurs. All her stories are thought out several steps ahead, which ultimately leads to some consequences. But Citra acted for the benefit of its interests. Nevertheless, there is no point in denying the grace and charm of the leader of the warriors. The charming and uncompromising priestess won fans’ love despite the tragedy of one of the third parties’ possible endings.

6. Sarah Kerrigan


Sarah Kerrigan exists in the StarCraft universe. She is a young girl with a pronounced psi potential, which is very much appreciated in this gaming world. As a “ghost,” an elite agent, she participated in dangerous missions to fight the zerg, an insect-like race. During one of the operations, she was infected with their virus and became the Queen of Blades. Even after significant external changes and modifications, it remains attractive to players. And her unpredictability, unique mind, and incredible abilities made her one of the most amazing women in online games.

5. 2B


The game’s plot tells about the aliens who created the virus and took over the Earth, forcing the surviving people to flee to the Moon. But after a while, they wanted to get theirs back. For this, remarkable androids were created, which were sent to Earth to fight the invaders. Android 2B is the main protagonist of the series, for which you have to play. The games drew controversial reviews, but the main character, handing out slaps to enemies, caused only approval.

4. Morrigan


Morrigan is a witch from the Wildlands and a companion of the main protagonist and is one of the many daughters of the strongest werewolf witch Flemeth. She is one of the most charismatic and mysterious female characters in the game. Fans reacted more than violently to her appearance in the Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer on the E3 platform, and one thing is exact – Morrigan’s return was long-awaited. Fans wondered for a long time what happened to her after the previous game events, and perhaps she will reveal the veil of secrecy and the real intentions of the sorceress.

3. Sombra


Olivia Kolomar, under the pseudonym Sombra, is the most famous hacker in the game universe. She learned to manipulate high-ranking people, using the information she obtained against them. She does this not with malicious intent but to uncover a world conspiracy. At the moment, they are members of the terrorist organization “Claw.” Intelligence and sense of humor bribed the online shooter players; the girl quickly became a favorite. The name of the secret organization, the conspiracy she is trying to uncover, remains a secret. No one except Sombra has anything to do with her so far, which only spurs people’s love and interest.

2. Widowmaker


Another member of the “Talon” in the Overwatch universe. A dangerous sniper and a hazardous agent of the organization. In the past, she was a talented ballerina Amelie Lacroix and a wife of a senior person in the Overwatch organization. Then Talon was kidnapped and turned into a sleeping agent. At some point, she killed her husband and returned to the terrorists. Her body changed, thanks to which she stopped feeling anything and turned into the best sniper, nicknamed Widowmaker.

1. Yennefer from Vengerberg


Yennefer is the most controversial witch and female character in The Witcher but, in principle, in the gaming community. Domineering, cold, and calculating, the fans love her. Her positive qualities are never questioning, but negative ones have always been a reason for condemnation. Although her love for Geralt is sincere, fans do not like her feigned coldness, zeal for power, and sometimes cruelty. However, Jennifer from Vengerberg is a wonderful woman in the game.

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