Top 10 most expensive watches in the world

Men are sensitive to wristwatches. This accessory has ceased to be a means for determining the current time. Now he is an indicator of well-being and success. Watchmakers are well aware of this trend. Watchmakers staged a kind of competition for the right to be called the manufacturer of the most expensive wristwatches in the world. This competition is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the level of professionalism of employees. They create real masterpieces of handicrafts using the most advanced technologies. The cost of such jewelry exceeds millions of dollars, and sometimes they are made in a single copy.

This article will tell you about the ten most expensive watches in the world – it will be interesting.

10. Hublot Classik Fusion Haut Joaillerie ($ 1,000,000)


This unique watch from the Swiss company Hublot occupies the tenth place in our list and is a real piece of jewelry and watchmaking. It is both luxury and sophistication embodied in a timepiece. The item is decorating with 1185 diamonds of the best cut. Even the banal winding crown is encrusted with them!

Siberian diamonds mined in Russia are using for the production of diamonds. Diamonds look better on high-grade gold.

Hublot said that 25 craftsmen worked on this watch over four months. A total of 8 copies were released, for one million dollars each.

9. Excalibur Quatuor ($ 1,200,000)


The product of the famous company Roger Dubuis is in ninth place in our ranking. The company is renowned for its watches, produced in series of no more than 25 units. Thus, the order of the legendary founder of the company, Roger Dubuis, is fulfilled.

The appearance of this watch caused quite a stir in the world of luxury watches. The firm called them a challenge to Earth’s gravity, which is opposed by five differentials and four springs. The case, the world’s first made of pure silicon, required the development of new, unique processing methods. Silicon is twice as light as titanium and four times more potent than steel!

This work of art is worth 1,200,000 dollars. There are only three copies of this watch.

8. Grande Sonnerie ($ 1,300,000)


When Jaeger-Le Coutre presented the first Grande Sonnerie is the Hybris Mechanica collection, they were called the world’s most sophisticated by engineers. The abundance of gold and diamonds used in their manufacture allowed this watch to claim an eighth place on our list of the most expensive wristwatches in the world.

Anyone who doesn’t like the sound at all can always put the watch on silent mode.

It is impossible even to list the number of functions they have. But the most memorable is the fight. Precise, crystal sound is the trademark of Jaeger-Le Coutre. Grande Sonnerie plays several tunes, including the ringing of the bells of Westminster Abbey.

7. Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’ile ($ 1,550,000)


For its 250th anniversary, one of the oldest Geneva watch houses, Vacheron Constantin, presented a real gift to its fans. This fantastic movement, worth 1.5 million dollars, rightfully settled on the seventh position in ranking the most expensive watches.

The manufacturer stressed that 20 of the best watch experts in the world took part in the production.

All visible details have inlays and ornaments. Even the strap, made from crocodile skin caught in the Mississippi River, is engraved with the halves of the Maltese cross.

The clock can strike the time every 15 minutes. It all depends on the owner’s desire. For amateurs, the watch even has a star atlas. Only seven copies of such watches have already found their buyer.

6. Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 ($ 1,600,000)


This small and young Swiss company gladdens watchmakers with new models every year. A favorite feature of this company was the placement of miniature sculptures in watches. Previous models featured ship sculptures, bottles, and hummingbirds.

The same watch, worth 1.6 million dollars, houses the famous micro sculptor Willard Wigan. A unique optical device is mounted in the crown, allowing you to see a unique piece of art. The installed lens does not distort the image. This fantastic watch is the sixth most expensive wristwatch in the world.

5. The Richard Mille RM 56-01 ($ 1,860,000)


The fifth place on our list is the watches released in 2012 by the watch company Richard Mille. They cost 1,860,000 US dollars.

The case of the masterpiece of modern technology and its mainboard is made entirely of sapphire. The transparent sapphire allows you to see the whole movement with the manual caliber RM 56-01.

This sports watch is made in just five pieces.

Particular attention is paid to the strap. It is made of innovative Aerospace nanomaterial by the technology used for its manufacture had never been used in the watch industry before.

4. Lange & Sohne Grand Complication ($ 1,920,000)


The watches produced by the German company Lange Uhren GmbH (“Lange”) have been known in the world since 1845. In 2013, they created the 4th most expensive wristwatch. Their cost is $ 1,920,000. Interestingly, the entire process of testing and creating this watch has been documented. Photographs accompanied each stage of their assembly. During the seven years during which this watch was manufactured, a unique documentary film about the famous Saxon precision workers’ work was shot.

It is known about the first of six manufactured copies of A.Lange & Sohne Grand Complication.

Experts have determined that this product has the most complex combat mechanism. The movement uses white and rose gold, and the manufacturer does make the strap of alligator leather.

3. Platinum World Time ($ 4,000,000)


Although this watch was made in 1939, few watch companies were able to surpass it. In 2002, they were last sold at a Geneva auction for a fantastic sum of over $ 4 million. They are still in 3rd place on our list of the most expensive watches in the world.

Now the company has resumed the release of the line of updated Platinum World Time watches. The characteristic arrow reminds us of that stunning model of the beginning of the century.

The manufacturer of this legend – the famous company Patek Philippe has shown the whole world that few can compete with it in watchmaking. They are made of platinum and can offer the time in 41 cities of the world.

2. 201-carat Chopard ($ 25,000,000)


This watch, the only one in the world, is estimated by experts at $ 25 million – the second most valuable in our ranking. It is impossible to take your eyes off the work of Swiss watchmakers.

When looking at the futuristic design of this pinnacle of jewelry making, it seems like a little kid has sketched much jewelry.

Eight hundred seventy-four precious stones and diamonds make up just the 201-carat weight indicated in the name. In the center of the flower is a unique 15-carat pink diamond, and if you want to see the white gold dial, a precise mechanism is used, which moves the petals to the edges of the piece.

1. Joaillerie Manchette ($ 27,000,000)


The world’s most expensive wristwatch was released in 2008 by the already familiar Jaeger-Le Coutre company. This watch is a gift to Queen Elizabeth II on her sixtieth birthday. They are royally ascetic; they have no additional functions. It is an ordinary simple wristwatch for $ 27 million.

Their cost is so high because of the bracelet, which required 576 diamonds, 400 rough diamonds, and a dozen onyx crystals. The movement itself is made of sapphire crystal.

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