Top 10 best smartphones with powerful battery 2021

The autonomy of the mobile assistant has become one of the most important criteria for its choice. If earlier the buyer had just a few hours of active screen time from one charge of the device, today the abundance of social networks, the need for the frequent recording of events with the help of a camera and making hundreds of calls a day force or purchase a power bank, which is not always convenient to carry with you, buy a device with a capacious battery.

That is why we tried to create the TOP-10 of the best smartphones of 2021 with a large battery, combining an eye-pleasing design, decent functionality, and, of course, significant autonomy. The smartphones listed in the rating are ranking according to the ratio of price, quality, performance, number of functions, the beauty of appearance, etc.

10. Ulefone Power 3L



  • Modern appearance;
  • 6-inch OGS panel is not bad for the price segment;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • The main dual camera is suitable for high-quality daytime shooting;
  • A huge 6350mAh battery for 11-12 hours of active screen time on a single charge;
  • NFC (contactless payments).


  • the body is made entirely of polycarbonate;
  • Mediatek MT6739 processor didn’t design for modern games;
  • PV modules didn’t create for evening and night photo sessions;
  • The body is almost entirely of plastic.


  • NFC (contactless payments)

The TOP-10 is opened by a beautiful, balanced, and at the same time extremely affordable smartphone from the Chinese company Ulefon. Despite the battery’s increased capacity at an impressive 6350mAh, the device does not have huge dimensions and distinguishes by decent ergonomics. And the design itself is very pleasing to the eye. Even though the body is polycarbonate made, it is decorating with a dual photo module, a fingerprint scanner, close to a frameless display. The 6-inch OGS screen is quite average in terms of brightness and contrast, and the resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels is not high.

However, if you remember the gadget’s price, then the questions about the reproduced picture disappear. The technical characteristics in the Mediatek MT6739 processor, 2GB of RAM, and the PowerVR GE 8100 video chip are enough for a relatively smooth interface of the operating system; this combination will not work for modern games. The main cameras of 8 and 5 megapixels are suitable for the price segment and will help out if you need to capture text or not the most dynamic event.

For other scenarios, it is better not to use modules. There is NFC support, which will be delighted by fans of contactless payments. Autonomy at the level of 11-12 hours of active screen time, which allows you to forget about recharging for a couple of days, makes this smartphone an excellent choice for a budget-conscious buyer who needs a functional long-playing mobile assistant.

9. Leagoo xRover C



  • Full IP68 protection;
  • Fingerprint sensor;
  • NFC (support for contactless payments);
  • Good for the value category dual camera;
  • Great design for an affordable IP68 smartphone;
  • Large 5000mAh battery, providing about 10-11 hours of active screen time.


  • The interlayer between the glass and the screen sensor negatively affects the visibility of the picture in the sun;
  • Cameras are not suitable for evening photoshoots;
  • Technical specifications are weak for resource-intensive games.


  • NFC (contactless payments), IP68 protection
  • Price: about $80

The ninth position was taken by an excellent secure smartphone from the Ligu company, representing the lower price segment of the market. It’s nice to see that the savings are invisible in the design of the phone. The rear panel of the device, although glossy, has a beautiful texture, decorated with a fingerprint sensor and a dual-camera. Far from being bezel-less, the 5.72-inch display has a trendy 18: 9 aspect ratio.

Brightness and contrast are not insufficient, as is the resolution (1440 x 720 pixels). Still, there is a small layer between the glass and the sensor, which negatively affects the image’s readability in direct sunlight. Specifications are not the most outstanding but standard for the value category. It would help if you didn’t count on the excellent performance of games with the Mediatek MT6739 processor, 2GB of RAM, and the PowerVRGE8100 graphics accelerator. At the same time, the interface of less demanding applications is fast and responsive. It’s nice to see NFC (contactless payments) in an inexpensive smartphone.

The leading 13 and 2-megapixel cameras are about the same level as on the Ulefone Power 3L. They are enough; in the evening, the shots will turn out to be noisy, without proper detail. But good software optimization and a large 5000mAh battery allow you to get about 10-11 hours of active screen time from a single charge. Thus, Xrover C becomes one of the best IP68 smartphones with excellent battery life for its price.

8. UMIDIGI Power



  • bright and contrasting frameless OGS-screen;
  • high-quality main cameras with which evening shooting is possible;
  • up-to-date and stylish design;
  • NFC for contactless payments;
  • a capacious rechargeable battery for 10 hours of active screen time;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • up-to-date technical specifications capable of running modern games.


  • unfortunately, demanding games run only on low graphics settings;
  • the plastic case is prone to scratches and chips.


  • NFC (contactless payments)

Eighth place goes to an attractive smartphone from the Chinese company Umidigi. In terms of design, the phone retained the concept of the style of the older models of the manufacturer, thanks to which the buyer will receive exceptional pleasure from the smooth shapes of the case, the beautiful design of the dual camera, the fingerprint sensor, the frameless display with the teardrop notch.

The phone itself is made of polycarbonate, but it’s hard to find fault with the latter’s quality for the money requested. The 6.3-inch OGS-panel with FullHD + resolution is distinguishing by both detailed pictures and impressive brightness and contrast. For the value category, it is simply beautiful. Technical characteristics do not disappoint but do not disappoint. The reasonably new Mediatek Helio P35 processor, coupled with 4GB of RAM and the PowerVR GE8320 graphics chip, provides impressive performance for not demanding applications. Modern games run, but graphics will have to be lowered to their minimum values in many projects.

Compared to the previously reviewed devices, the leading 16 and 5-megapixel photo modules’ photographic capabilities are higher. Now evening photos are becoming a reality, albeit sometimes not from the first take. NFC support is present, which needs to be attributed to the advantages of the phablet. Of course, the autonomy provided by the 5150mAh battery does not disappoint. About 10 hours of active screen time will become the norm for the buyer. As a result, Umidigi presented us with an attractive and technologically advanced smartphone, ready to serve the user for a long time.




  • the design of the device evokes extremely positive emotions;
  • the main cameras demonstrate decent photo and video quality for the asking price;
  • NFC support (contactless payments);
  • presence of a fingerprint scanner;
  • excellent high-resolution OGS panel;
  • autonomy at the level of 10-11 hours of active screen time;
  • a full-fledged phablet that can even replace a tablet.


  • technical characteristics are enough only for the minimum graphics settings in demanding games;
  • the body is made mainly of plastic;
  • for a part of the market audience, a smartphone may seem too large.


  • NFC (contactless payments)

The representative of the assortment of the Chinese company Aukitel rose even higher. In many ways, this model is similar to the previously reviewed UMiDIGI Power, but it differs for the better in several indicators. To begin with, let’s note similar points. Both smartphones’ design is modern and attractive, featuring dual cameras, fingerprint sensors, and bezel-less screens. The display, however, of the device from Oukitel has a large diagonal (7.12 inches).

This form factor is rare on the market, which is definitely worth adding to the gadget’s advantages. In terms of brightness, contrast, and detail, the reproduced picture does not reach the flagship level, but it looks pleasant, it is comfortable to work with the device under any lighting conditions. The same technical characteristics in the form of the Mediatek Helio P35 processor and the PowerVR GE 8320 accelerator are responsible for the performance. Still, now they are complemented by 6GB of RAM. Unfortunately, this does not affect games’ operation, so you can only count on low graphics settings. But the capabilities of the main cameras are impressive. The 16-megapixel Sony IMX298 photo module and the auxiliary 2-megapixel sensor guarantee excellent image quality even with high dynamics of what is happening, and they can handle evening shots.

Support for on-site contactless payments (NFC). Of course, it is worth noting the autonomy at the level of 10+ hours of active screen time, provided by a 6000mAh battery. An impressive figure, isn’t it? Thus, the device is suitable for people who want to combine a smartphone and a tablet in one gadget and at the same time forget about the need to charge for a couple of days.

6. Ulefone Armor 5



  • IP68 protection against drops, sand, and moisture;
  • bright OGS display;
  • beautiful design for a secure phone;
  • the main pair of 13 and 5-megapixel cameras does not upset with the quality of shooting even in the evening;
  • amazing autonomy at the level of 10 hours of active screen time;
  • NFC support (contactless payments);
  • good technical characteristics, with which you can run demanding games on low-medium graphics settings;
  • fingerprint sensor.


  • the screen resolution will not be enough for several users;
  • you don’t have to admire the excellent graphics in modern gaming applications.


  • NFC (contactless payments), IP68 protection.

An incredibly stylish protected device takes the sixth position of the TOP-10 from the Chinese company Ulefon. First of all, I would like to praise the corporation’s designers because it is tough to create an attractive IP68 phone in the middle price segment. The eye-pleasing glass-styled rear panel, dual cameras, fingerprint sensor, and large-bezel display leave an excellent impression.

At the same time, the dimensions of the gadget are relatively small. The 5.85-inch OGS-screen is covering with Gorilla Glass 4, endowed with decent brightness and contrast indicators. The resolution of 1512 x 720 pixels is not high, but it is sufficient for the diagonal, although the picture detail is not enough for several users. But it is precisely this solution that increases the Mali G71MP2 video chip’s performance, paired with the Mediatek Helio P23 processor.

Modern games run on low to medium graphics settings. The leading 13 and 5-megapixel photo modules adequately keep up with competitors in price, not giving in even to rather complex photography scenarios. Of course, this is far from the flagship level but very good for an inexpensive IP68 device.

Fans of contactless payments will appreciate the presence of NFC. It is impossible not to mention the fact that the device is in our rating. A 5000mAh battery will last for 10 hours of active screen time, or even more. Thus, the smartphone strikes with a combination of advantages, so rare for the value category.

5. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4 / 64Gb



  • pleasant appearance of the metal body;
  • juicy and bright high-resolution, frameless OGS-screen;
  • not top-end, then quite good technical characteristics for medium graphics settings in demanding games;
  • high quality dual primary camera;
  • infrared port for controlling household appliances;
  • autonomy at 11-12 hours of active screen time;
    Fingerprint’s scanner.


  • the price is somewhat overpriced;
  • lack of NFC (contactless payments);
  • not all users like the MIUI shell design.


  • Infrared port for controlling household appliances

It is unlikely that any rating of the best smartphones would be complete without representatives of the range of the Chinese company Xiaomi. The Mi Max 3 is hardly new, but fans of long-playing phablets still consider it one of the best on the market. The design of the device remains highly relevant. The metal body is thin and stylish; a dual camera, a fingerprint sensor, and a vast frameless 6.9-inch OGS screen can cause, if not delight, then only positive emotions.

Of course, the diagonal of the display imposes restrictions on ergonomics, but for some, the combination of a smartphone and a tablet will be a real godsend. Specifications are not advanced, but not bad. The Snapdragon 636 processor and Adreno 509 video adapter are still capable of successfully running demanding games, and the graphics settings can usually be set to medium. The leading 12 and 5-megapixel cameras provide photographic capabilities sufficient for day and night shooting. The level of detail is decent, as is the natural color reproduction.

The lack of NFC is upsetting; people accustomed to contactless payments will be concerned with this fact. But there is an infrared port for controlling household appliances. The most important thing for the TOP-10, the autonomy, is impressive. The 5500mAh battery lasts for 11-12 hours of active screen time. Thus, the gadget in question combines excellent functionality and beauty of appearance and a long time of operation on a single battery charge. It would be a little cheaper for him.

4. Blackview BV9600 Pro (Helio P60)



  • well-thought-out design for the IP68 segment;
  • high-quality AMOLED panel;
  • the Mediatek Helio P60 processor is enough for medium-high graphics settings in resource-intensive games;
  • large 5580mAh battery for 10-11 hours of active screen time;
  • NFC (contactless payments);
  • excellent dual cameras for day and night shooting;
  • protection according to IP68 standards;
  • availability of wireless charging;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner.


  • the final price could be slightly lower, taking into account, not the top-end processor.


  • AMOLED display, NFC (contactless payments), IP68 protection, wireless charging

One step away from the leading three was a smart protected smartphone from the Chinese company Blackview. Let’s start our review of the device with its appearance, which is undoubtedly impressive. The back panel’s original design, an abundance of metal elements in the structure of the case, a stylish dual camera, a fingerprint scanner on the side, not the most extensive display frames leave a pleasant impression.

Also, the phablet dimensions remain relatively small, even taking into account the IP68 protection and the presence of a massive battery. Let’s talk about autonomy right away. An impressive 5580mAh battery guarantees about 10-11 hours of active screen time, so you can forget about power banks and chargers. The 6.21-inch AMOLED screen is energy-efficient and very high quality, which is reflected in the detail of the picture and its brightness and, of course, contrast.

Technical characteristics will not cause disappointment. The latest Mediatek Helio P60 processor, together with 6GB of RAM and the MaliG72 MP3 video accelerator, allows you to try modern games at medium-high graphics settings. The leading 16 and 8-megapixel photo modules also increase the list of advantages of the device. These cameras can take great pictures during the day and pretty good ones at night. Support for NFC (contactless payments) and wireless charging only add to this superb smartphone’s appeal, the only noticeable drawback of which is its slightly overpriced price tag.

3. Doogee S90



  • the design of the smartphone is perfect for the segment of rugged devices;
  • Mediatek Helio P60 processor is suitable for demanding games at medium-high graphics settings;
  • the quality of the installed OGS-screen is satisfactory;
  • support for contactless payments (NFC);
  • availability of wireless charging;
  • the ability to install additional modules;
  • massive 5050mAh battery;
  • good photographic capabilities of the primary dual camera;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner.


  • specifications could be slightly better for the asking price.


  • NFC (contactless payments), IP68 protection, wireless charging, modular smartphone

The Bronze Medal is awarded to a long-playing technological smartphone from Doogee. The phone surprises me with several things at once—first, modularity. The buyer has the right to purchase additional modules for night shooting, increasing autonomy (power bank cover), improving gaming capabilities (joystick module), and so on—secondly, the overall balance of the apparatus. In many ways, the gadget repeats the previously reviewed Blackview BV9600 Pro, only at a slightly lower price.

Yes, the 6.18-inch screen is made using OGS technology, but it still pleases with a bright and rich picture. The technical characteristics are entirely similar. The combination of the Mediatek Helio P60 processor and the Mali G72MP3 video accelerator still allows you to enjoy your favorite gaming applications at medium-high graphics settings. The leading 16 and 8-megapixel photo modules also keep the quality bar. These are not flagship cameras, but it is quite possible to get a good shot even in low lighting.

Autonomy at the 10 hours of active screen time is guaranteed by software optimization and a capacious 5050mAh battery. Additional attractiveness of the gadget is provided by support for wireless charging and NFC (contactless payments), which greatly facilitate a modern Android user’s life. As a result, the Dugi company presented us with an extraordinary IP68 smartphone, which practically has no analogs. Is this not a reason to look at buying a device balanced to the smallest detail?

2. Ulefone Armor 6E



  • bright and high-contrast OGS-display of high resolution;
  • productive Mediatek Helio P70 processor for medium-high graphics settings in games;
  • the main dual camera copes with both day and evening shooting;
  • a capacious 5000mAh battery capable of 10 hours of active screen time;
  • the design is pleasant in appearance and relevant for the IP68 segment;
  • full protection according to IP68 standards against drops, moisture, and dust;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • NFC (contactless payments);
  • availability of wireless charging;
  • ultraviolet light sensor.


  • the photographic capabilities of the device may still not be enough for challenging shooting scenarios


  • NFC (contactless payments), IP68 protection, wireless charging, ultraviolet light sensor.

The tremendous rugged smartphone deservedly receives the silver medal from the Ulefon company. If it has not made a revolution in its segment, this device changed the rules of the game. When was it possible to buy a beautiful IP68 phone with excellent technical characteristics for such a small amount of money? The organic splash of rubberized elements, a dual camera, a fingerprint scanner, small frames of the beautiful 6.2-inch OGS-screen leave only positive emotions.

The display itself is trying to match the previously reviewed competitors Blackview BV9600 Pro and Doogee S90, which have a high price in picture quality. The high resolution of the IPS panel of 2246 x 1080 pixels does not affect games’ performance because the excellent Mediatek Helio P70 processor, the Mali G72MP3 video accelerator, is responsible for their launch. Graphics settings can be safely set to medium to high graphics levels. The leading 16 and 2-megapixel photo modules show themselves worthy in day and evening shooting; however, in low light, noise and a decrease in detail still appear a little. But for the money requested, the result is excellent.

A 5000mAh battery with a margin will last for 10 hours of active screen time, so you can no longer take power banks with you everywhere. NFC support, wireless charging, and even an ultraviolet radiation sensor only emphasize the smartphone’s superiority over its opponents. And in the middle price category, there are practically no analogs of the gadget today. Isn’t this the main reason to buy?

1. Asus Zenfone 6 6 / 64Gb



  • the top-end Snapdragon 855 processor will run any games at maximum graphics settings;
  • a huge 5000mAh battery, which guarantees 10 hours of active screen time;
  • original design with an unusual rotating camera mechanism;
  • impeccable quality of images of the main and part-time front photo modules;
  • availability of NFC (contactless payments);
  • stunning 6.4-inch bezel-less display;
    fingerprint sensor.


  • the lack of IP68 protection and wireless charging can be critical for several users.


  • NFC (contactless payments), rotating mechanism of the main cameras.

The gold medal goes to a fantastic flagship from the Taiwanese company Asus called Zenfone 6. First of all, I would like to note the extraordinary, memorable design of the smartphone. The stylish rotating mechanism of the impeccable dual 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 camera can turn the main photo modules into front ones and provide an unprecedented quality of selfies. A fingerprint scanner and a completely borderless 6.4-inch OGS display enhance the beauty of the device.

In terms of brightness and contrast, the screen itself practically catches up with AMOLED counterparts of phones of the highest price category, without frustrating with an unpleasant PWM effect, harmful to the eyes. Top-end specifications. The potent Snapdragon 855 processor, together with the Adreno 640 video accelerator, can easily cope with the most demanding games, running them exclusively at maximum graphics settings. NFC support will delight people who use contactless payments.

It isn’t easy to refrain from compliments towards the autonomy of the phablet. Excellent software optimization and a massive 5000mAh battery allow the phone to show more than 10 hours of active screen time. And even if a smartphone’s price is far from small, the flagship gaming capabilities, impeccable design, long battery life, and gorgeous cameras make it the best long-playing mobile assistant for today without a doubt.

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