Top 10 best action cameras

An action camera is an essential device in the life of every active person. It will come in handy everywhere: hiking in the mountains, traveling across countries, a train, motorcycle, and a bicycle. Such a unique gadget will help you capture the most exciting and emotional moments in life.

The resulting video to be acceptable on a large monitor screen recommends selecting cameras with a higher resolution. A large number of various functions and the presence of an extended configuration will be a definite plus for the device. We have prepared a rating of the best action cameras 2018-2019 so that each buyer can independently purchase the necessary model.

Which action camera to buy? Outdoor activities often require an action camera: an ordinary camera will not work here because it must work in extreme conditions, be compact, and convenient. Before deciding where an action camera is better, we recommend that you pay attention to several criteria for choosing models: lens, matrix, processor, display, autonomy, durability, and additional functions.

When choosing the best action camera, you should consider its purpose. This step also considers the duration of the video recording, picture quality, and model reliability.

10. SJCAM SJ4000


On the tenth line of our charts of the best action cameras is the famous SJCAM company with the popular SJ4000 model. This device has everything that the unpretentious user needs: support for high-definition 1080p video, wide-angle shooting mode, and a large 170-degree viewing angle. The type of built-in matrix is ​​CMOS, the number of megapixels is 3. The design has a built-in digital zoom with a magnification of 4 times. Unfortunately, this model does not have an image stabilizer, but there are a white balance and the ability to select the future video’s resolution.

This model can be called a quality option from a trusted manufacturer in the price range up to $70. There is a photo mode, HDMI output, USB interface, Wi-Fi, and micro SD card support. The camera weighs 46 grams; the extended configuration includes many mounts, a waterproof box, and instructions.

9. Ricoh Theta S


The model, located in the ninth position of the top 10 action cameras in 2018, says “the all-seeing eye,” and for a good reason. This gadget has a wide viewing angle of 360 degrees, allowing you to capture everything that happens around you. The camera is compact, made in a simple style in black, of the features – built-in memory for 8 GB, 2 CMOS type matrices 12 megapixels.

The user can set the exposure independently; there is also support for ExifPrint and recording in MPEG4. Photo mode allows you to shoot frames with a resolution of up to 5376×2688 pixels and take wide-angle pictures. The package includes a cover, a warranty card, instructions, and a cable.

8. GitUp G3 Duo Pro Packing


This action camera is a full-fledged novelty of 2018. The first thing that we can say about this model is that it has all the parameters for use as a car DVR. Good picture quality and a 170-degree viewing angle will help you capture controversial moments on the road.

The maximum shooting resolution is 2880×2160 p, there are a widescreen mode and an LCD. This product is a mid-priced camera with stabilization that allows you to even out the picture when shooting. The model has a touch screen; there is a Time-lapse mode. Frame rates at various resolutions are 60 and 120 frames per second. The gadget’s weight is 78 grams; the kit includes mounts for a bicycle, a helmet, adapters, and a box.

7. EKEN A8


One of the best inexpensive action cameras today settled on the seventh position in our rating. You can buy EKEN A8 in the price category up to $45. The maximum that video shooting gives is 1920x1080p, while the viewing angle will be small – only 120 degrees. The matrix presents a resolution of 12 megapixels.

There is no image stabilizer but a 2-inch LCD screen. When shooting is 30 frames per second, there is also a photo mode in a standard and comprehensive format. The maximum battery life is 2 hours, which is average for action cameras. The model has a combination of black and blue colors.

6. Digma DiCam 72C


Those looking for a budget but functional model should pay attention to the DiCam 72C. It is an action camera that allows you to record videos in UHD 4K quality. There are a night and widescreen video mode, an LCD screen, and a high-quality matrix. This camera is a good one with an electronic gimbal.

Source: Digma DiCam 72C allows you to take photos and also contains a Time-lapse mode. The set includes a wide range of accessories, where you can find a waterproof box, a bike mount, and a flat surface, a frame, a clip, several more types of braces, ties, a bandage, a battery, a car charger, and a USB cable. In general, this is a functional device up to $100.

5. Rekam A100


Have you ever encountered an action camera? Don’t want to overpay and take risks? Then the Rekam A100 is just for you. The price category of this gadget is up to 2000 rubles. In our roundup of the best action cameras, the device ranks fifth for accessibility and functionality. The model can shoot video in Full HD 1080p.

The viewing angle of this camera is 144 degrees, which is not bad for the budget segment. There is no stabilization, but there is a small screen. With this action camera, you can not only shoot videos but take photos. The short battery life of 2 hours will be enough for a beginner. The set includes a waterproof box, bike and motorcycle mounts, straps, Velcro, and tripod mount.

4. SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air


The second model from the SJCAM company in our rating is on the fourth line. This camera is a mid-range action camera for the amateur. The gadget allows you to shoot videos in UHD 4K format. The viewing angle is 166 degrees; it has photography.

The matrix presents a resolution of 14 megapixels; a stabilizer, a touch-type LCD, and mono adjust the white balance; there is a Time-lapse mode. The camera has a lightweight of 84 grams; its dimensions are also relatively small – 60x41x25 mm.

3. YI 4K + Action Camera


Stylish and austere appearance, smooth lines, and streamlined shape are how the YI 4K + Action Camera – that we can say opens the top three. Not sure which model to choose from high-quality and capable of a lot? Pay attention to this gadget – it may well compete with the most expensive and well-known models.

The camera shoots high-quality video with good sound, the resolution of 3840×2160 is considered the maximum. The gadget’s viewing angle is 155 degrees, and there is a manual exposure setting, photo shooting, electronic stabilizer, and H.264 recording. The model weighs 94 grams and will appeal to every outdoor enthusiast.

2. Gmini MagicEye HDS4100


According to customer reviews, the second position was taken by the action camera Gmini MagicEye HDS4100 in our rating. This camera is a low-end model with all the necessary features. There is a high-quality video shooting, the viewing angle is 170 degrees, and the matrix presents by 3.5 megapixels.

It would seem, what is unique about it? Most users note the low cost but at the same time a full set of necessary functions and a wide range of options. The action camera can work over Wi-Fi, takes photos, and weighs only 44 grams.

1. Sony FDR-X3000R


A camera takes the first position of our top from Sony – the FDR-X3000R model. This device is not a budget device; the buyer will be able to purchase a camera in the price range of up to $550. It has everything a professional and amateur needs: UHD 4K shooting, night and widescreen recording, 8.2-megapixel matrix, digital zoom with 3x magnification.

The model features include shutter speed and aperture, optical stabilizer, white balance, HDMI-out, mic-in, lighting settings, and remote control. The camera weighs 114 grams, and the package bundle contains a lot of bonuses.

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