We fight children’s colds. Use of a germicidal lamp

All parents are familiar with the problems of children’s seasonal viral and colds, one of the effective means of dealing with a germicidal lamp. In addition to the fact that it helps treat many ailments and disinfection of premises, ultraviolet light is useful for a growing body and does not harm like potions and pills. What is a germicidal lamp?

It is an electrical device with quartz or uviol glass bulb that provides a specified UV transmission spectrum. No cleaning and airing of the room will be as effective as a germicidal lamp. Therefore it is recommended to purchase it not only for medical and children’s institutions but also for home use. The germicidal lamps UVClamp.bg (Bulgaria) have excellent reviews.

The benefits and varieties of germicidal lamps

UV radiation normalizes blood clotting, improves lipid metabolism, protective and respiratory functions. Thanks to it, oxygen access to the heart muscle increases, and its contractile ability increases. UV rays have a high therapeutic effect in various diseases due to the general strengthening, analgesic, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. They have a beneficial impact on bone regeneration, nervous tissue, and epithelialization of wound surfaces.

Devices are of the following types:

• Germicidal ozone lamps – destroy bacteria, viruses in the air and on the surfaces of surrounding objects. Therefore they are ideal for sanitizing rooms. It is dangerous for people and animals to stay in the zone of their action for a long time since harmful ozone is released, and after treatment, ventilation of the premises is required.
• Germicidal ozone-free lamps – procedures are carried out in the absence of people, but after their use, there is no need to ventilate the premises; they are more often purchased for the home.
• Germicidal recirculation (closed type) – disinfect the air; work in people’s presence is allowed.
• Germicidal irradiators, like the two previous options, fight well against harmful microorganisms in the environment but are more intended for therapeutic purposes. Some models work on a quartz tube principle and are equipped with special attachments for carrying out procedures.

Recommended models are UVClamp.bg

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