Top 10 most expensive Mercedes-Benz ever

There are many cars, but there is only one Mercedes. To paraphrase the famous saying, we can say this about the famous European brand of vehicles. The high quality, reliability, and prestige of Mercedes-Benz cars have rightfully ensured them a reputation as one of the world’s best. Accordingly, their cost is not small. Below is a list of the ten most expensive Mercedes-Benz ever.

10. AMG Vision GT Concept – $ 3,000,000


One of the concepts that were very close to going into mass production, but Mercedes decided not to risk it. It’s a pity.

9. 1929 SSK Roadster – $ 3,300,000


A 90-year-old car with unknown mileage for $ 3,300,000? No thanks.

8. 2002 CLK GTR AMG Roadster – $ 3,500,000


Unlike most of the participants in this ranking, this Mercedes CLK GTR AMG (wow, how many abbreviations!) Is a production car! But the Mercedes made only 6 of them. Let it take 3.8 seconds to accelerate to a hundred, but this is a supercar from Mercedes-Benz, and there are only six of them in the world!

7. 1935,500K – $ 3,700,000


From 1936 to 1943, only a few hundred of these Mercedes were produced. Add to that the reputation of being one of the most luxurious and expensive cars of its time, and you have a total price tag of $ 3,700,000!

6. 1955 300SL – $ 4,600,000


For nine years of production of this iconic Mercedes-Benz model, only a few thousand were produced, and only a few copies have survived to this day. So the price tag of almost $ 5,000,000 against the background of these facts does not look so ethereal.

5. 1929 38/250 SSK – $ 7,400,000


Even if you can afford this car, there hasn’t been a single one on the open market since 2004. All this means that they either do not remain at all, or very few remain, and their owners value them so much that they will not go to sell them even for such fabulous money. After all, this is not just a piece of iron, but a symbol of the Mercedes era of the late 20s – early 30s, the winner of many races, and just a cult car.

4. 1928 680S Torpedo Roadster – $8 250 000


Mercedes made only 12 examples of this rarest Mercedes. Even less has survived to this day, and the last time such a car was publicly sold for an incredible $ 8,250,000!

3. 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream – $ 10,000,000


The designer’s sense of taste for this Mercedes is debatable, but the effort to create it will impress anyone. Thirty-five people worked over 30,000 hours. Wheels, headlights, and door handles are gold plated, and their cost exceeds $ 10,000,000!

2. 1936 540 K Spezial – $ 12,000,000


Another series of rare Mercedes from the late 30s is ready. Very rare and very expensive. The last open sale of such a Mercedes for $ 12,000,000 was the 12th most costly car deal ever!

1. 1954 W196 – $ 29.6 million


In 1954, this car set a Formula 1 record! And even if Mercedes did not preserve it in perfect condition, its history and incredible design make it the most expensive Mercedes in the world! Almost $ 30,000,000!

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