Top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world according the Russians

Earning is a legal and desirable way to provide yourself and your family with everything you need. It all starts with the fact that a person chooses the desired profession himself. Every day you have to go to work not to need anything. But if you think carefully, we spend most of our time at work. It’s good if the business brings joy and income at the same time. Yes, there are such professions. As a rule, they are not highly paid, but the nerves are always calm and bring money.

But there are others – for example, the most dangerous professions in the world, which take up time and health. Also, there is a severe danger of these professions. Because of all this, a person can have serious problems afterward. Those who work under challenging conditions know very well that their lives are constantly in danger, and they may die at any moment. Such people often get depressed and have a lot of stress. And what about families where mom and dad leave in the morning and do not know whether they will return from work today? For the family, this is also added stress.

Not everyone can understand that an ordinary electrician’s profession is ten times more dangerous than the position of a policeman. Maybe for these reasons, many are accustomed to seeing screwy electricians and have formed such an unflattering opinion about them? And what the electrician experiences when he climbs into the wires – no one even guesses. The slightest mistake can lead to sad consequences.

A lot of people risk their own lives doing a terrible and challenging job. Yes, some need an adrenaline rush, adventure, danger. But life can be so unpredictable. Let’s take a closer look at this and find out the most dangerous professions in the world.

10. Journalist


Journalists are skillful provocateurs of various incidents. The profession of a journalist is directly related to danger. First, a journalist can be “ordered.” The blame is the situation, that someone was disgusted, a truthful report, an extra word. Secondly, a journalist can be sent to a hot spot and show from there. The profession of a journalist has the highest risk possible. Media representatives are often unaware of how their interview, article, or report might end. At the same time, a journalist’s profession is considered one of the most respected in the world.

9. Fireman


Despite modern equipment, equipment, and gear, firefighters risk being burned or poisoned by carbon monoxide. The firefighter’s task is to extinguish the fire and save people from getting them out of the fire. Firefighting takes place in hazardous locations where rock-cut explosions can occur. The first who must get out of the burning places is a man and only a firefighter. This scary item is included in the mandatory instruction. They, like doctors, joining the detachments, take an oath to serve the Motherland and save people.

8. Army sapper


Mine clearance is a responsible, not childishly important business. A risky, noble cause. Not a gram of light, but heavy, threatening. At times, a sapper walks through a minefield. He risks losing his life or becoming disabled. Minesweeper realizes that his profession is one of the most dangerous in the world. The sapper should not make mistakes, and he has no right. Often there is a risk of being blown up on old ammunition forgotten from the past. In this case, a sapper always comes to the rescue with his fearlessness and experience.

7. Driller


Gas and oil are the highest natural resources, which are indispensable in the modern world. Of course, some mega professionals are active in the drilling and production of these vital products. Drillers risk their health and life working at such drilling stations. This job is a traumatic profession. Thus, the substances used for the extraction of minerals and the lubrication of equipment are hot and poisonous. And if a breakdown occurs at the facility, then it is the drillers who have to change all the spare parts. And these are heavy details. However, the working conditions of the company are trying to make it optimal. The drilling method is on a rotational basis, which means far and long from home and family.

6. Fisherman


The fishermen are also not sweet. They go out to the deep, raging sea weekly to bring their following catch. Different adventures happen on the water—both pitching and storm. And what stresses sailors and fishers experience when the elements are raging. After all, people have been accustomed to reasoning that fishing is all about romance, silence, water surface, and fishing rods’ nibbling.

Fishing equipment is no less dangerous. Even in your networks, you can get entangled or injured. And do not forget that you still need to resist falling over the side when lifting nets with a catch.

5. Police officer


Police officers protect the population from crime and other dangers. Police officers are essential. Their lives are also in trouble because they sacrifice themselves for the sake of justice and other innocent people. For example, when there is a chase, and maybe the capture of criminals. The police are always in the midst of dangerous events.

4. Electrician


At the very beginning of the article, the danger of the profession is mentioned. It has even been compared to the police. Indeed, an electrician is a risky person who competently undertakes this task. Various external factors (rain, wind, snow, mosquitoes, flies) can accidentally create a short circuit. And from sparks, you can catch the “bunnies” in the eyes and even fall off the ladder. You can get an electric discharge of a current of several thousand volts. The above are only a few cases.

3. High-altitude worker


If a miner risks his life under the rubble, then a high-altitude worker risks falling from a height. And it is not known how such a fall could end. High-rise workers are builders, roofers, washers of windows and buildings, and even sound engineers and sound engineers who hang equipment on stages – they also risk falling. You can crash from the height of your growth and what we can say about one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Only brave people make such sacrifices. By the way, such a hazardous profession is paid quite well.

2. Lumberjack


Working in the forest is dangerous, as are the above professions. Of course, the danger level differs, but they have only one outcome: either alive or not. Harvesting, felling – all this is related to the work of the lumberjack. Improper adherence to safety precautions can often lead to serious injury. A fallen tree is no joke. It’s best to avoid these situations, but all kinds of things happen in the work of a lumberjack. Under challenging conditions, the work itself takes place—departure far out of town, into a dense, uncomfortable forest filled with wild animals. Meals, accommodation in wagons, and strict adherence to the schedule are not the sweetest times. This profession is chosen only by the strong in spirit and harsh in spirit.

1. Underground miner


The miner is the most dangerous profession in the world today. Methane emissions, explosions, blockages are standard in mines. You never know where it will fall and when. In addition to the fact that miners have one of the most dangerous professions globally, the working conditions are also challenging. Chopping hard underground rocks with a hammer is not easy at all. And one more disadvantage is the lack of light and air. The most dangerous mines are coal mines. The most hazardous gas there is accumulating gas – methane, which is produced from rocks. And if at least one spark flies somewhere nearby, then an explosion is inevitable. The most deplorable conditions for working as a miner in the world are China and Russia. This may be due to outdated equipment and non-compliance with safety regulations.

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