Top 10 best zombie movies in the world

The zombie image has long been established in contemporary art. Usually, authors imagine walking corpses as creatures devoid of intelligence, driven only by the desire to pounce and tear apart every person they meet or transform into one like themselves. These characters have taken extreme positions in the cinema. Every year, films are released in which the heroes have to confront the “living dead”, saving cities from them or even the entire planet. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the ten best zombie films.

10. The Lazarus Effect (2015)

David Gleb directed this film about zombies. He presented the picture to a broad audience in 2015. The story begins with the fact that scientists decided to argue with nature and create a substance that resurrects the dead.

Experiments on animals have been successful. As a result of an accident, one of the scientific group members, a young woman, dies. Colleagues decide to bring her back to life with a new drug. But from the first minutes, something went wrong. Experimenters become the first victims of their invention, and then evil breaks out of the laboratory, threatening the whole world.

9. Maggie (2015)

Created by renowned director Henry Hobson, this film premiered in 2015. It is noteworthy that one of the leading roles belongs to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The producers have invested about four million dollars in this zombie movie.

America faces the threat of an epidemic of an unknown disease when infected people turn into zombies. The main character becomes one of the victims of the virus. Every day less and less human remains in it. Irreversible changes in the body turn the girl into a soulless bloodthirsty monster, driven only by the desire to kill. Attempts by loved ones to stop the terrible destructive process fail one after another.

8. Life after Beth (2014)

The filmmakers approached the adaptation of the zombie theme in a rather original way. The director turned out more of a comedy than a horror film. It all started with the fact that the guy and his beloved decided to live together. But the girl turned out to be a bitchy neurotic, trying to turn her boyfriend into a henpecked one. The hero tries to find freedom but can not decide to break off the relationship.

Chance helps him. Unhappy. Passion dies. After some time, the young man falls in love with a beautiful woman, pleasant in all respects. But the guy’s happiness was short-lived. His ex unexpectedly resurrected to continue to poison the life of the young man.

7. As above, so below (2014)

John Eric Dowdle directed this film. The picture was released in 2014 and was even recognized as one of the best zombie films.

The scene of action is the little-studied system of ancient tunnels under the French capital. A team of young scientists goes on a research expedition to the catacombs of Paris. The heroes plan to cross the entire city underground. By an absurd accident, they awakened an absolute evil, which had been locked up for many centuries. Scientists had to confront a whole army of apocalyptic creatures and zombies trying to break out to the surface to kill.

6. REC (2007)

The box office gross for this zombie movie exceeded the € 1.5 million it spent on its creation many times. Filming ended in 2007. At the same time, fans of horror films saw her.

The young journalist dreams of fame and will stop at nothing for exclusive material. In pursuit of a sensation, the girl goes to an ordinary apartment building, whose residents, for some unknown reason, have turned into zombies en masse. The heroine begins live reporting from this hellish place. Millions of people do not leave the screens, watching the development of events. The authorities block all the moves and exits from the cursed building. The journalist has to rely only on herself.

5. Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

Director Nick Leon didn’t bother too much about the plot of this film. As a basis, he took a classic story about an unknown virus, which turned almost the entire US population into evil and stupid zombies in a matter of days.

Those who are lucky enough to stay alive and not turn into walking corpses seek to get to Catalina Island. This island is where ordinary people gather, preparing to fight back hordes of zombies. In the center of the plot is one of the groups of survivors who will have to go through unimaginable trials on the way to their cherished goal. Everything is predictable and commonplace. But the film “rides out” due to realistic effects and acting.

4. Resident Evil (2002)

One of the leading places among the best zombie films is the epic “Resident Evil”. Six films with the spectacular Mila Jovovich captivated even those viewers who have never been interested in “horror films”.

The film is based on the computer game of the same name. Modern followers of Dr. Mengele in a deeply conspiratorial laboratory are conducting eerie experiments on humans and animals. One of the test subjects is Alice. The drugs created by illegal scientists deprived her of her memory but turned into an ideal killing machine.

In parallel, a corporation cultivated a virus in this secret laboratory that turns a person into a zombie. And one day, he broke free, gradually turning the Earth’s population into bloodthirsty walking corpses. Alice takes on a mission to destroy zombies and take revenge on the authors of this apocalypse.

This film caused a heated debate among critics and audiences. Some called it a high-quality and thoughtful movie, while others saw it as a stupid and primitive empty shell, with terrible decorations and weak acting. Nevertheless, the number of admirers of the series “Resident Evil” is immeasurably greater. Therefore, the picture deservedly took fourth place in the ranking of the best films about zombies.

3. Zombeaves (2014)

The authors of this film about zombies decided to deviate from the canons of the genre and introduced them as the main terrible characters, not infected people, but zombie beavers. Such an unusual scenario was brought to life by director Jodan Rubin and presented to the audience in 2014.

The carefree students decided to spend the weekend at a picturesque lake. It all started great until the killer beavers took the stage. For some unknown reason, these cute creatures, instead of building their dams, seek to feast on human flesh. Instead of pleasant rest, the heroes received a lifetime dose of adrenaline, trying to save their lives from numerous “wrong” animals. And just run away or call for help, as always, will not work. The guys will have to accept the challenge of the monsters and join the battle.

2. World War Z (2013)

This film became the highest-budget zombie film ever. $ 190 million was spent on filming. It was directed by Mark Forster and produced and starred by Brad Pitt.

The film’s special effects are beyond criticism, and some episodes were deemed so realistic and brutal that they were cut from the main version of the film.

The beginning of the main events takes place according to the classic scenario. A terrible epidemic is gradually spreading across the entire planet. The new disease carriers turn into zombies, trying to destroy living people who have not been affected by the virus.

One of the UN staff members (Pitt’s role) is gathering information about the origins of the disease and is persistently seeking a life-saving cure. Every day civilization is approaching its final decline. But the survivors do not give up and begin a campaign to save humanity as a species.

1. I am a legend (2007)

Numerous fans of the zombie direction in cinema have unanimously recognized this picture as a worthy contender for the best zombie film title. And for a good reason. The budget of $ 96 million made it possible to create excellent scenery, chilling scenes with the living dead, and even attract Will Smith as the leading actor.

The film is set shortly. Scientists fought to create a cure for cancer, but the result was a virus that zombies those unlucky enough to get infected. And the entire population of New York became these losers.

Only the military doctor Robert Neville managed to preserve the human appearance. He realizes that he is immune to infection. Therefore, Robert Neville begins to work on creating a life-saving serum based on his blood. And along the way, he deals with numerous zombies, outraged by the presence of a character who was not mowed down by an infection.

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