Top 10 of the most touching and tearful movies about love

There are countless reasons to cry. One of these reasons is the creations of cinema. Filmmakers know perfectly well how to touch the thinnest strings of the human soul, how to make people cry. Photos included in the list of the most touching films about the love of tears will be able to capture even the most heartless person.

10. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


(Country of origin: USA, 2004) The Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind is perhaps one of the most touching love movies. Imagine that a device was invented that could cause selective amnesia in a person. With a 100% guarantee, some people want to erase part of their memory. The love of the main characters, Clementine and Joel, has not stood the test of time.

At first, the relationship was full of vivid emotions, but gradually they were replaced by endless scandals. One of them became crucial for Clementine and she decided to erase Joel from her memory. Her actions were followed by revenge by Joel, and he also erased from his memory everything related to Clementine. But he loves it so much that on a subconscious level there is resistance to the effects of the device.

9. You never dreamed


(Country of origin: Russia, 1980) A touching film tells the story of the first love of two high school students. Katya and Roma have the most sincere and brightest feelings for each other. But their feelings face an obstacle in the form of the boy’s family. His relatives are doing everything possible to break up the couple. They do not even hesitate to resort to blatant lies. The end of this touching film will bring tears to all viewers.

8. Bear’s kiss


(Country of origin: Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, 2002) “Bear’s Kiss” is a romantic fantasy film. A guest circus performs in St. Petersburg, which is actively looking for wildlife for its performances. Little gymnast Lola liked the bear that was caught in Siberia. The girl surrounded the pet with love and care. The lover grew up and somehow Lola found a handsome young man in a bear cage. It turned out that Misha was a werewolf. The curse will only lose its power – you can’t kill a single living thing during the year. A dangerous situation arises in Lola’s life and the werewolf makes sacrifices in the name of his favorite chance to stay in human form forever.

This leads to tears not only the trembling feelings of a werewolf and a gymnast but also the fact that this film is the last role of Sergei Bodrov Jr.

7. What dreams may come


(Country of origin: USA, New Zealand, 1998) This touching picture of love will not leave anyone indifferent, tears and worries about the fate of the main characters are guaranteed.

The Nielsen family was insanely happy as their children died in a car accident. Chris died a few years later. The loss of her husband and children became unbearable for Annie. She could not find the strength to live and committed suicide. The woman was doomed to eternal torment in purgatory. Chris, who received immortality, wants to be with Annie. He, like Orpheus, goes to the underworld for his beloved.

6. The bridges of Madison county


(Country of origin: USA, 1995) A touching film about the love of two completely different people. Francesca – married to an Iowa farmer, housewife with two children. Robert is a freelance artist and an avid bachelor. One chance meeting became fatal for these people. They only have four days to love their lives. Francesca, tied in a knot with an unloved person, has to make the most difficult decision in her life.

5. The Vow


(Country of origin: USA, France, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, 2012) This touching film is indisputable proof that no obstacles are afraid of true love. Paige has lost her memory after the accident. She doesn’t even recognize her husband Leo, who was next to her while she lay in a coma. He does not give up and tries to bring back the memories of Paige, and himself – the tenderness and warmth of his wife. But all efforts are in vain and the relationship does not work out. Paige’s parents added fuel to the fire, and Leo agreed to a divorce. Searching his belongings, Paige found a wedding vow. This finding is a boost for a second chance about her husband.

4. The time traveler’s wife


(Country of origin: USA, 2008) “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is rightfully ranked fourth in the ranking of the most moving love films. A librarian from Chicago suffers from a very rare genetic disorder. Because of him, Henry is forced to constantly change the space-time continuum. In one of these movements, he met his future wife, Claire, when she was only six years old. An amazing illness did not become an obstacle for the sick and strong feelings that the beloved endured after years. They perfectly understood that love can tragically end at any moment, so they treasured every minute spent together.

3. Last love on earth


(Country of origin: Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, 2010) “Last Love on Earth” opens three of the most touching films about love to tears. Epidemiologist Susan and Chef Michael’s romance unfolds in a time of global disaster. A terrible epidemic, rapidly affecting the planet, causes the loss of five senses in people. The civilized world is rapidly dying, and the main characters of the film, who considered their novel a common hobby, suddenly realize that they are emotionally dependent on each other.

2. The Notebook


(Country of origin: USA, 2004) “The Diary of Memory” is one of the most touching films about love, which is unlikely to be watched without tears. This is a very beautiful story about the first and only love of young people. By the will of fate, they belong to different social circles. Obstacles constantly appear on the way to light feelings. First, they are separated by their parents, and than – military action. They live their own lives, but one day fate brings them together again. Now they are ready to make every effort to never be apart again.

By the way, “Diary of Memory” is in the top rating of films about the meaning of life.

1. A Walk to Remember


(Country of origin: USA, 2002) “A Walk to Remember” becomes the winner of our top of the most touching films about love to tears. Jamie is a good girl, a diligent student who will never refuse help. Landon is the idol of all students in the school. Another trickled to the fact that Landon was given conditions, failure to fulfill which would entail expulsion. He turns to Jamie for help. The girl agrees to help Landon, but only if he makes a promise not to fall in love with her. The arrogant boy willingly swears an oath, but soon he became convinced that it would be very difficult to keep it … The story of this love told in this touching film, will not leave anyone indifferent.

This is our Top 10 ranking for the most touching and tearful movies about love. Of course, in the top 10 we can not collect all the other movies that for one reason or another have touched you.

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