How to teach your dog to pee in a certain place?

When a dog first crosses the threshold of a human home, the joy is great – both for the dog and its new owners. No matter the age of the dog, it is always ready to give love to its owners.

One of the first workouts you need to do with your new friend is to teach him certain habits. Remember – you are responsible for your dog and his upbringing.

My dog ​​is an American Pit Bull Terrier. His name is Bruno, and he is one of the most loving dogs I have ever had. But this is because in the first year in my home I spent a lot of time building habits.

This is Bruno – a really smart dog

I live in an apartment on the top floor of a residential building. I think the lack of my yard is the reason I showed thinking and creativity when I was building Bruno’s habits.

Today I will tell you how easily, quickly, and effectively I taught Bruno to pee in the bathroom, even when I am not at home, and he needs to do his job.

1. Prepare patiently

Everyone wants their dog to start executing commands immediately. This process is not easy and takes time for both you and your dog. Be patient. The easiest way to train a puppy is between 3 and 11 months of age. Then it wants to play with you, so it follows you and your actions.

2. Prepare treats as a reward

The dog loves two things – to play with you or to play without you. The game is embedding in the dog’s existence and DNA, regardless of the breed of the dog. But dogs also love treats – small, crunchy, and probably tasty for them. Therefore, buy treats that you will need to give to your dog during the training process.

3. Watch it

This step is the most important part of training your dog to pee in a specific place. At the very beginning, after I got Bruno, I spent a whole day watching him play in my apartment. I gave him a few toys, and with him, we pulled ropes, threw and carried balls, “rode” a big plastic bottle, chased. But I did this to see when he got tired of what he was doing before he peed. Bruno did the following: as soon as he wanted to pee, he stopped playing immediately and began to nervously suffocate the floor and look for a suitable place. Dogs sniff before peeing. Always.

4. Show him the place to pee

I had decided to teach Bruno to pee in the bathroom because it is a wet room and easy to clean. So when I noticed that Bruno was starting to sniff the floor as soon as he stopped playing, I picked up him and quickly go to the bathroom with him, dropping him to the floor immediately. This action initially seemed shocking and strange to him. So he stood in the bathroom for 2-3 minutes walking around wondering what to do. But herd “this shock” his body wanted to pee again, and Bruno did it on the tiles in the bathroom.

5. Give him a reward

After Bruno peed in the bathroom, what I did was tell him he is a “Good Boy” and gave him a treat (this one from point 2). Bruno liked the treatment and wanted more, but I only gave him one.

6. Repeat and success is there

Bruno did not immediately learn to go to the bathroom, but in the interest of truth this action – raising it in my hands, quickly in the bathroom, and staying for 2-3 minutes before peeing and giving treats I repeated it exactly 4 days. On day 5, Bruno had “ridden” a 10-liter plastic water bottle. He stopped playing, orientated himself, and headed for the bathroom (the bathroom door is always open). He went inside, peed, and waited for his reward. I gave it to him accordingly.

7. Reduce the number of treats

For the first three weeks after Bruno entered the bathroom for the first time, he always received a prize when he peed inside. Then I decided not to give it to each pee but through one pee. This decision went on for a week. Then I decided to give him two pees, while at the end of the second month of training I gave him once a day, no matter how many times he went to the bathroom. So gradually, at the end of the third month, he went to pee in the bathroom and did not receive a reward.

8. They are actors

Watch carefully what your dog is doing in the bathroom. Bruno tried to dodge when he was still getting treats. One day he went to the bathroom, squatted, but did not pee. He just wanted a treat. I didn’t give it to him.

Today, Bruno is six and a half years old. The bathroom is always open, and to this day, if he wants to pee, he goes to the bathroom, does his job, and goes out. He does not expect a reward.

Remember – if you go for a walk with your dog two or three times a day, after the third year he will stop using the bathroom because he will want to be outside and pee there.

Interesting: after one year I had to go to a friemd, but there was no way to leave the dog alone in my apartment. So I took him with me. I would spend a whole day in a closed apartment to help my friend assemble furniture. When we arrived at their house, Bruno and I went to the bathroom and I showed him the wet room, pointing to the siphon on the ground. He sniffed it and fully understood what was required of him. Bruno goes to the bathroom twice that day in a completely unfamiliar place but a completely recognizable by smell room.

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