Instagram wants you to get angry on your phone if it doesn’t work

When an app on your phone doesn’t work, you usually close it, reopen it, restart your phone, and finally (maybe) give up. According to Instagram, however, you just have to show your annoyance by … shaking it?


The head of the social network Adam Moseri shared about the new feature “Rage Shake”, which will allow users to report problems they experience with the application with just one shake. Moseri claims that this is a kind of “signal” that will help the company to detect errors and other inconsistencies in the application.

In addition, the function for deleting certain photos from a series was revealed. With this feature, you will no longer need to delete the entire post, but select from the drop-down menu “edit”, then scroll to the specific photo you want to remove and only then click “delete”. It is important to remember the steps, otherwise, you will have to start from the beginning.

Last but not least, it became clear that the application “Threads” goes down in history. If you don’t know what his idea is: Threads was for Instagram what Messenger is for Facebook. There were several problems with Threads: on the one hand, there was no neat interface, on the other hand – it could only be used with a group of “Close friends”.

Although the app has over 13 million downloads, it’s not clear how many people have used it. Those who still find something attractive in it will be able to use it until the end of the year, after which the accounts will be rejected, the application will disappear from the AppStore and GooglePlay, and everyone will be able to continue writing on Instagram or Facebook.

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