Is it possible for robots to vaccinate people shortly?

We admit that to put robots and vaccines in one sentence requires a great deal of courage because these seem to be some of the greatest fears of much of humanity. Accordingly, when the Canadian-based startup Cobionix introduced its Cobi robot, in addition to the information that it is the first autonomous vaccine delivery device, many questions remained to be answered.

Is it possible for robots to vaccinate people shortly?

According to co-founder Tim Laswell, Cobi is still the only working prototype, and vaccination is just one of its possible uses. He continues: “Like Tesla, it has all the self-driving autonomous hardware on board, but the cars are not yet self-driving.”

Thanks to AI, Cobi can one day perform an ultrasound, take blood, change his instruments, like a doctor or nurse. According to medical experts, many automated processes are used in healthcare, but this is always done through and under the supervision of a medical person. According to them, some manipulations are not suitable for the application of technological innovations, because patients are not the same, it is necessary to assess the spot, as well as to calm those who are nervous for one reason or another.

To be honest, Cobionix takes many of these issues into account when developing its platform. They specifically provided Cobi with needle-free technology because they knew that a robot holding a needle would be a cause for concern for many patients. According to them, Cobi’s robotic arm is smooth, shiny, and as intimidating as possible.

And they hope that at some point everyone will get used to the existence and importance of robots. It seems that the wait will take longer.

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